Consideration For Ethics And Diversity Proposal Choose One Or Two Ethical Considerations And One Or Two Diversity Considerations On A Company You Will Research Or Your Present Place Of Employment. Write A 500 To 700

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A Business Proposal to Make Ethical and Diversity Considerations to Improve the Strategic HRM Planning Process.

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Jane Doe
HR Director
ABC Restaurant & Pub

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Personnel Director
ABC Restaurant & Pub

December 24, 2012

ABC’s Restaurant & Pub

Ethical and Diversity Considerations to Improve the Strategic HRM Planning Process.

I have gathered information over the last five weeks about department policies and best practices pertaining to ethical and diversity considerations. Based on these findings, the following proposal is presented to improve the strategic planning process.
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Proposed Action
The first step is to design a Diversity Awareness Training Program for managers that promotes a positive work environment. The training program explains the current equal employment laws and regulations and the benefits of a diverse workforce. Importantly, the training program helps reteach the managers how to recruit, hire, train, and promote based on qualifications and not strictly appearance or age. Each manager will receive the initial two-hour training and then attend an annual diversity-training refresher, thereafter.
The second step is to redesign the hiring processes. Currently, the restaurant accepts both electronic and paper applications. However, I propose we only accept electronic applications. Paper applications allow the manager to place a face with a name, before the manager is able to read his or her qualifications. Whereas electronic applications allow the manager to read the facts (qualifications and experience) first. In addition to switching to electronic only applications, I recommend candidates to be interviewed by a three-person panel. Because the restaurant is limited in management, the panel interview should consist of at least one manager, and supervisors or head servers and ideally contain both men and women. Panel interviews minimize discrimination and favoritism.

Legal Benefits: Compliance with EEO and Affirmative Action legislative and minimizes lawsuits allowing the company to evolve and reach its long-term goals.
Diverse Customer Base: A diverse workforce appeals to a diverse customer base. Broadening customer base often brings more revenue.
Variety of Viewpoints: A more diverse workforce brings more diverse ideas and experiences to the table. Diverse ideas can lead to an increase in creativity, innovation, and productivity.
Ethical Consideration
Currently, we are a company with a high-turnover rate, in an industry with a high-turnover rate. Over time application of our promotion policies have slowly diminished. Employee reviews are not conducted within a specified timeframe, if at all. Qualifications for promotions are not specific. Employees have different perspectives on performance...

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