Consideration Of Alternatives Essay

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Consideration of Alternatives
Based on the integrated analysis of condition of the MGM Grand hotel, it can be divied to two parts which are most significant to their revenue and profit growth includes non-gaming activity and gaming programs.
First of all, the non-gaming activity must be mentioned. Besides the huge number of rooms that costumers will find in the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, they should also have other facilities that they might want to know about. The MGM Grand Hotel should build up a user-friendly information system which can help visitors to consume distinctly. For example, the reception table should collect phone numbers of every single visitor, which is in order to guide them to visit this strange area when they are confused to make the tour decision. Moreover, the MGM Grand ...view middle of the document...

Unlike the first method, the tourist program which should manage their own tourist group with very high training cost.
In addition, the gaming programs is the primary sector of all hotel system. The first option of alternative for gaming programs is the online casino. In a market where visitors demand a thrilling web experience, wherever and however they want to play, the MGM Grand Hotel can deliver. The hotel should up a online gaming play station which designed with the costumers’ needs in mind. With the online gaming play station, visitors can play across all games and platforms using a single login. A visitor can enter a betting shop and play on a land-based machine, when he is ready to move on he can continue the game on his smart phone, tablet device or the comfort of his own room. It provides players with a truly unique gaming experience, anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the comps system should be focused as the alternative. Initially, if customers want to get credit for them play, they will need a free Player's Card. Go to the Player's Club desk or to the casino website and sign up for a free card. Visitors should get a card even if they don't intend to gamble much, because just by having one the casino will often mail them offers for severely discounted rooms, sometimes even free.
For this part, the latter one is more efficient to help the hotel to collect their revenue, because they can make the very specific consuming record via this program. The MGM Grand Hotel can make a better customer management plan based on the record they collected. The record which presents the interests of the all kind of visitors is helpful when the hotel want to make some change of the gaming style.

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