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Constitution And Systems Of The State

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Constitution and Systems of the State
The state that I decided to research is Florida. This is not my home state, yet a state I would like to reside in once I finish my degree program. The main articles in Florida’s constitution are “Declaration of Rights”, “General Provisions”, “Legislature”, “Executive”, “Judiciary”, “Suffrage and Elections”, “Finance and Taxation”, “Local Government”, “Education”, “Miscellaneous”,and “Amendments”.
The relationship between the United States Constitution and the constitution of Florida was difficult to research. Studies show that individuals in grades nine through twelve will have to start learning about American history after the Civil War. “So who is to blame for this? Why the very elected officials in our Legislature who have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and ...view middle of the document...

The purpose of of the States constitution is to try and facilitate a prompt and satisfactory resolution of many cases that will meet or exceeds an individuals expectations. The success of having the various courts is the foundation that we believe will allow the State of Florida to continue its successful growth while constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our respective America citizens.
The systems I have identified are very effective. Researching the articles, section and the amendments of the state’s constitution was very well in depth. The constitution is a plan that consist of rules for the people and our government. Individuals living in the state of Florida may know how the government is organized, the powers and duties of the government, and the rights and responsibilities of the citizens. The Constitution of the United States establishes creditable limits on the powers of the national government. Our Constitution also establishes a representative government. That means that all individuals in the United States or that are United States citizens have the right to elect members to the national government who will handle the affairs of the government of our state. The state and federal governments share the supremacy of the government. This is known as federalism. In addition, the Constitution establishes three branches of government to avoid any one office from becoming too authoritative. This is defined as the separation of powers. These first ten amendments to the US Constitution contain a list of individual rights and liberties, which the administration cannot take away from the voters.

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