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The Constitution Party

The Constitution Party
Originally founded as the U.S. Taxpayers Party (USTP) in 1991 by Harvard graduate and Massachusetts native Howard Phillips, the party’s name was changed to The Constitution Party in 1999. One of the functions of political parties is to simply the choice in candidates. In this particular party’s case, they project the foundation “We declare the platform of the Constitution Party to be predicated on the principles of THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS according to the original intent of the Founding Fathers.” ("The constitution party," 2012) This third party focuses on securing unalienable rights, those that have been endowed by the creator. Additionally they view any denial of these ...view middle of the document...

It was noted that “Buchanan would like to remain in the Republican Party, the GOP leadership's intense hostility toward him, in combination with what he sees as Dole's recent leftward drift, may drive him out. Buchanan may be barred from speaking at the Republican convention in San Diego.” (1996). Human Events, 52(27), 4.

This party’s premise is deeply rooted in religion. And while many of the organization’s beliefs are in line with that of the conservative GOP, there have been instances when the Republicans were unable to codify religious and political values with a nominee and running mate. Seemingly when this occurs, a person chooses to run as a Constitution Party candidate. This third party does not waiver in its efforts to convince voters that divinity is the reason for American success, not because of an individual leader or government. Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer stated “Christians must vote their values and leave the results to God. Our country was founded on Biblical principles that are why it was so blessed. Without returning to God's law, we cannot expect America to change for the better." (Tashman)
The American two party system affords constituents the luxury of simplified choices. Third parties exist to enable voters to voice specific issues that are hopefully adopted by the Republicans or Democrats. The Constitution Party has not a single representative in Congress; however, its influence on the right wing conservatives remains formidable today.


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