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Constitution Project Essay

2836 words - 12 pages

Table of Contents

1. The Preamble-----------------------------------------------------
2. Article I------------------------------------------------------------
3. Article II-----------------------------------------------------------
4. Article III---------------------------------------------------------
5. Article IV----------------------------------------------------------
6. Article V-------------------------------------------------------------
7. Article VI---------------------------------------------------------
8. Article VII----------------------------------------------------------
9. Bill of Rights-------------------------------------------------------
10. 18, 21, 27 ...view middle of the document...

Article 1
Section 1- Section 1 describes the first clause called the “Vesting Clause”, this clause basically give the government to create laws. (There are other clauses in Article 2 and 3 much like this one) The other Vesting Clauses in Article two and three give power to other parts of the government. Each Branch of Government can override another branch, and yet is overridden by another. Because of this, it ensures that each branch of the government keeps the others in check. No government branch is more powerful than the rest.

Section 2 of Article 1 describes The House of Representatives. It tells the reader that elections for representatives will be help every two years. In Elections, The People of the United States of America (Legal Citizens) Will be the voters who decide who will become the next representative of their state. Whoever is running for a seat in the House of Representatives must be at least twenty five years of age, must live in the state that he/she represents, and must have been a citizen of at least seven years.

Section 3 describes the Senate House, and how many senators there will be for each state and when their elections are. A senator’s election will be held every two years and there will be two senators for every state. The Qualifications of Senator of you state must include, living in the state that you would like to be a senator in, you must be 7 years a citizen, and you must be at least 30 years of age.

Section 4 describes how, when and where a Senate and/or a Representative Election will be held. States can decide all of that, this section also describes that Congress, ever year, must come together to discuss what is happening with our government and the world. There is however a guideline for when Congress must meet, they must meet on the first Monday of December.
Section 5 is quite complex, Section five of Article one talks about the Guidelines that Each house of Government must follow in order to be in check, Section five tells the Government how to keep records of everything necessary, and how any branch of government can drop out of a discussion, etc.
Section 6 describes the eligibility of what a senator or representative can and cannot do, Section six also talks about the Salary of a Senator or Representative, stating that their pay will never go less than it already is. They get paid by the United States Treasury and cannot get arrested unless the reason that they are being arrested is for a felony, a break in peace or committing crimes against the Country. Senators and Representatives cannot take a job that consist of the Executive Government while they hold their job as a Senator or Representative.
Section seven- describes the ways that Congress can create an operation through a bill. When a bill is created it starts in either the Senate or the House of Representatives. After the bill starts in one of those houses it moves to the other house and then it can turn...

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