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Constructing The Public Perception Of Sports

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Constructing the Public Perception of Sports
Mass media has become a dominant factor on sports culture in today’s society. “Mass media serve as a dominant hegemonic force in American culture, resulting in the construction and reinforcement of narratives, particularly in professional sports” (Berg & Harthcock). The media can be held responsible for creating the majority of the public’s perception of sports to this day. The heavy dosage of sports communication, in every aspect thinkable, has altered and constructed the influence of sports on millions of people. The sports communication field has become a vast entity and proved to be a profitable market. However, the communicative process ...view middle of the document...

Former ESPN sportscaster, Chris Berman, stated “today’s 24/7 culture is blurring the line between immediate information and privacy. (Motel) ” Berman was with ESPN from the get go (1979) and has been in the sports communication industry ever since. Many members of sports media leave out important facts in part because they are in such a hurry to break their stories. This in turn has had a direct effect on the accuracy of information provided by the media. According to Berman it is, “another line that is being blurred (Motel)” and that “the possession arrow may be going in the wrong direction” (Motel). The over load of sports coverage has introduced audiences more to athletes off the field and out of uniform rather than their accomplishments on the field.
The overwhelming amount of sports coverage has led to privacy and accuracy issues. Additionally, it has created the perception that only professional and major collegiate teams matter because they are covered the most. By only covering these caliber teams, the media has created the perception that “if it’s not on TV, it doesn’t count” (Motel). This attitude can have quite an impact on smaller universities and amateur sports. Charleston Southern is a good example of a school that does not get as much media coverage as the bigger schools like South Carolina. This doesn’t mean the athletic departments are unequal in importance. The Charleston Southern baseball team even beat the back to back collegiate world-series champs on the road in Columbia during the 2014 season. However, the expansion of collegiate sports coverage on television has encouraged mid-week play amongst conferences because enough people will watch. The over exposure has encouraged schools to “ignore the student-athlete’s education in order to make more money” (Motel). The fact that such an expansion in one field of communication can create a rippling effect that traces all the way to the validity of student-athletes educations is remarkable. Not only does the exaggerated coverage of sports possibly hinder the nation’s youth educationally, but one...

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