Constructivist Lesson Plan Essay

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ED503 Constructivist Lesson Plan
Whether you are a teacher, administrator, or in a position that supports teaching and learning, all educators need to understand the teaching and learning process as it relates to lesson planning. The purpose of this assignment is to produce a model lesson plan that demonstrates your knowledge of the constructivist approach to lesson design. In this assignment, you will construct a model lesson plan that includes rubrics and appropriately integrates technology. You will respond to a series of questions related to your lesson, using information from your text.
Follow these directions:
* Select an academic concept – just one concept, not a related set of ...view middle of the document...

Consider how to differentiate instruction for learners with special needs and learners who are accelerated.
* Extension Activities: What else can students do over the coming days or at home? This is a great opportunity to provide more differentiation for all learners. Some extension activities could be more advanced, while others might focus on supporting the main learning objectives.
* Classroom Management Strategies for different phases of the lesson.
* References/resources used to construct the lesson.
Respond to these questions, drawing upon the Woolfolk text. Each response should be in essay format and contain one to two paragraphs. If other sources are used, please cite them in your references.
a. Why are the instructional activities that you have planned appropriate for students at your grade level? Explain how you compared and contrasted instructional activities to choose the ones you found most appropriate.
b. How have you planned to have students connect what they already know to the new information that you are teaching?
c. How are learner differences accommodated in the lesson?
d. What strategies do you use to facilitate motivation and critical thinking?
e. What strategies are used to appropriately integrate technology into the lesson?
f. How does your classroom management strategies support the constructivist approach to learning?
g. How does this lesson demonstrate constructivist views of learning?
Sample Lesson Plan Template
Title of Lesson:
Grade Level and Academic Subject:
Learning Objective:
Materials and Resources:
Key Vocabulary Terms or Concepts:
Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills Needed:
Opening Activity (your hook activity):
Guided Practice:
Independent Practice:
Assessment: (Include specific rubrics, observational checklists, written assessments, etc.)
Extension Activities:
Please read the following which explains the rationale for this standard lesson plan format:
Lesson Plan Rationale

State learning standards stipulate that students must be able to demonstrate their understandings of academic concepts and skills. Therefore, the objective of every well-designed lesson is enhanced student understanding and performance. For this reason, you can think of a lesson in terms of the metaphor of preparing and presenting a theatrical production.
Learning Objective (What the Student will Know and be Able to Do)
State what information or skill(s) the student will be able to demonstrate at the conclusion of the lesson. The Learning Objective must be measurable so that when you assess student learning you will clearly be able to state the extent to which the student knows or can do what you taught.
Setting the Stage (Opening Activity)
Just as a stage set creates a context for a play, the first activity in...

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