Consumer Decision Making Because Advertisement Essay

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Internal and external influences affecting the Consumer’s Decision Making Process. A number of factors affect the consumers buying behavior. Some of these are internal and others because of external influences. A few of these internal and external factors influencing the consumer’s buying behavior while deciding to buy a You C-1000 Vitamin C.
Decision making is a process dependent on many factors which vary from person to person and also from region to region. Consumers are living in a society which follows its own culture and values. Personal preferences again change with age, lifestyle, income, and psychological factors.
Internal aspect
1. Perception
Perception is how a ...view middle of the document...

4. Motivation
Motivation is a driving force which influences the humans to achieve their goal. A person has many needs at certain times. Some of these needs exist that arise from biological pressures such as hunger, thirst, and discomfort. Motivation to have a healthy body and beautiful influence to buy a decision. A person willing to have healthy body will pick and buy You C-1000 vitamin, than someone just to eliminate thirst.

External Aspect
1. Family
The family has played an important role as an external influencer. Many a times the payer is the elder (father mostly) of the family. A young unmarried adult is likely to buy You-c 1000 vitamin than married adults, because the unmarried adults still want to look fresh and beautiful than married adults. This statement because of effect of advertisement using Miss Universe to promote the drink.

2. Culture
According to Kotler and Keller (2006), cultural factors have the broadest and deepest influence on consumer’s buying behaviour. Brewster, Sparrow, and Vernon (2007) define culture as a shaping process. For a culture to exist, members of a group or society share a distinct way of life with common values, attitudes and behavior that are transmitted overtime in a gradual, yet dynamics process‟. Culture is passed on from one generation to another and already has a large impact on children as they grow up. People growing up in an individualistic culture may hold different aspirations, values, and needs than people who live in a collectivistic culture. Whereas individualistic cultures focus on achieving personal goals, collectivistic cultures centre on family and group well-being (Hofstede, n.d.). However, cultural values can change over time and have to be watched by marketers who realease the advertisement.

3. Social Class
Social classes are determined by occupation, income, education, wealth, and other variables. People within a given social class tend to possess the identical buying behaviour, which make it easier for marketers to place target in specific social class. For example the consumers in lower classes tend to be more brand loyalty than wealthier consumers (Rofianto, n.d.). Some form of class structure or social stratification has existed in all societies throughout human history. A consumer's social class refers to his or her standing in society. It is determined by a number of factors, including education, occupation and...

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