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Consumer Marketing Essay

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Ajasiz Johnson
American Intercontinental University
Consumer Marketing
MKT655 – Research Methods in Marketing

June 23, 2013

Celebrities are often used by advertising agencies to endorse their products in an attempt to persuade the consumer to purchase their products. This paper discusses how celebrity endorsements tend to have an effect on consumers.

Consumer Marketing
Advertising obviously plays an essential role in the success or failure of a product. In some cases, using celebrity endorsers to promote products has been quite an effective campaign strategy for advertisers. Celebrity endorsed campaigns are created to sway the consumers and to promote a ...view middle of the document...

In some instances, celebrities being used in advertising positively affect consumers’ opinions and buying intents. In this ever changing, influential world, consumers sometimes need a recommendation regarding a product from someone they feel is trustworthy, as they tend to listen to, or be inspired by, the celebrities they admire. Therefore, it is crucial for the celebrity to convey honesty and integrity when endorsing different products. The double-edged sword comes into play, however, when popular celebrities’ images take a nasty turn for the worse. For instance, we all know that the late, great Michael Jackson was one of the world’s most popular and best singers/performers who ever lived, but when the scandal broke about sexual misconduct by him toward children, Pepsi “snatched” their ad from him as they did not want the bad publicity associated with their brand. Since consumers “make or “break” a business, Pepsi more than likely would have lost a large customer base had they continued to use Michael Jackson as their spokesperson.
Example of a good product-endorser match and its implications.
Celebrities are becoming more influential in today’s society, so advertisers try to take advantage of this concept by procuring them to endorse their products with the hopes that they will be able to positively promote their products. While it is true that they (celebrities) tend to influence consumers to purchase the products they endorse, a watchful eye must be kept on endorsing too many products. By endorsing multiple products, a celebrity’s image of trustworthiness can be jeopardized, along with the brand’s image (Tripp, Jensen, & Carlson, 1994). Shaquille O’Neal is an example of a celebrity who endorses the right amount of products to be noticed but not enough to be over exposed. His endorsements have included: Buick LaCrosse, Gold Bond Powder, ReeBok, and Pepsi. By him promoting only three or four products at a time, it appears that he is an “expert” regarding the products that he endorses, which sends the message to the consumer that he knows what he is talking about. One of the products that Shaquille O’Neal endorses is the Buick LaCrosse and when stated that he’s got shoes bigger than the car (which I thought was hilarious), it immediately made me think, “Economy”. If ever a consumer is in the market for an economy, top of the line, nice looking car, he’ll probably remember that commercial and perhaps purchase the car.
Example of a bad product-endorser match and its implications.
It seems that in order for a person to effectively represent a product, that that individual’s likes and dislikes should be researched so that the endorsement may be more genuine. For instance, Kristen Bell (actress) advertising Oscar Mayer products would be a poor product-endorser match as research shows that she is a vegetarian and therefore, would not be a good match to promote meat products. Being asked to represent a product that she does not believe...

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