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Discuss the role of media in today’ society.

When human history steps into 21st century, the trend of media is becoming more and more obvious. Media is such a large conception that it is difficult to define it. It almost covers all aspects of social activity and human life, for instances, politics, military and culture even in ours daily life, news, entertainment, commercial issues and so on. In this essay, the paper will introduce the role and functions of the media have in the context globally and also I will pick up the suitable example to support my point of views.

Knowledge supporting

Media play a very important role for transmission of knowledge and help people gain the ...view middle of the document...

If one accident just happened in a few minutes ago, or even a few seconds ago, we will be able to find relevant information and news on the internet, well this is the power of the media and that is why media can influence so much in people’s mind. For instance, if an accident happened in China, we can find out relevant reports on the internet even we are in the UK. Although sometimes finding some of the information is feigned on the internet, but if you spend time to find related web site seriously, we will find we want. For instance, BBC news, we can just type in the website, and find the correct information or reports that tell the real truths.


Another role of media is to take a fairly deep investigation for quality of products and service, the scandals and corruptions of government and politicians such as cheating in the election process, so the media here is to protect the legal right of audiences, customers and voters because they should known the true and realities. Under the high pressure of media, it makes contribution to democracy. And the government activities will become transparent, as the election process is to be done via the TV or some computer systems transferred by media, so that the customer’s legal right has been protected. Therefore, the cheating activities would reduced due to the strictly supervision from media. However, the media is supervised as well. There is a supervision office in order to restrict the content of broadcasting. Sometimes, the media will try to attract more audiences by broadcasting several violent or sex information. This is bad for children.

Political issue

Firstly of all, the media promote and help to enforce national or international norms regarding human rights, the conduct of war, and the treatment of minorities. In addition it relays negotiating signals between parties that have no formal communication or require another way to signal. Moreover, the media pay the attention of the international community on a developing conflict, and by doing this it sets the pressure on the parties to resolve it or on the international community to intervene and establish the transparency of one conflict party to another. Besides the supporting international peacekeeping operations and contributing military contingents, as well as the identify resources that may be available to help resolve conflicts or to mobilize outside assistance. Furthermore, it can not deny the important function imposed on promoting xenophobia, racism, or other formats of social hatred. Last but not least, the media take part in the process of healing, reconciliation, and social reconstruction fetched conflicts.

As every coin has two sides ,however in the other hand, some of negative roles of media must be mentioned as below:

Misleading to the audience

Some of the mass communications always mislead the audiences even they tell lies to attract audience’s attention to gain the benefit. Many of the products...

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