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Consumer Purchase Behaviour Analysis Of Shampoos

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In the past few years, beauty concerns have risen among both men and women in India, and this has given a significant boost to the country’s cosmetics industry, especially the hair care market. According to our latest research report on the Indian hair care market, segments like hair oil, shampoo, gel, and hair colour have witnessed an unprecedented growth in the sales. The shampoo market in India is estimated to be 2500 – 3000 crore worth. It is estimated that the hair oil market in India will cross the INR 100 Billion-mark in future.

Hair oils / Gels

Shampoo and conditioner Styling Products and Hair Colour

Hair care Industry
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Objective of Study
 To study the Current Indian Market for Shampoos.  To analyse the factors which customers considers while selecting a shampoo. (Factors can be Mildness, Dandruff control, Strength, Healthy Strong hair, Shine etc)  Select a few brands of shampoos and analyse which all characteristics fit with each shampoo.  Analyse the level of penetration of these brands & the consumer perception of these brands through various market research techniques.  Find the shortcomings of each of these brands and suggest how this can be overcome for each brand.

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VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

1. Marketing Research, An applied Orientation, 6th Edition, Naresh K Malhotra & Satyabhushan Dash This book gives a detailed explanation on the techniques of questionnaire design, the steps involved and the guidelines to be followed while designing questionnaire. It explained how the questions should be designed or framed considering the analysis to be done and the form in which results are to be obtained. This book gives a detailed explanation of the how to run SPSS to perform various market research techniques. It gives a detailed explanation of each of these techniques, say Factor Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, Reliability test, Cluster analysis etc. which was very crucial to this project. Interpretation of the output in SPSS being the most difficult and crucial part was explained in very simple terms in this book.

2. Discriminant Analysis, Statistics for marketing and Consumer reach, John Helms, 2009 The numerous applications of Discriminant Analysis has been explained well in detail. It was explained how discriminant analysis was used for product research (to distinguish between heavy, medium or light users in terms of their consumpotion habits or lifestyles), Perception/Image research ( distinguish between customers who exhibit favourable perception of a store or company and those who do not), Advertising research (identify how market segments differ in media consumption habits), Direct marketing (Identify the characteristics of consumers who will respond to a direct marketing campaign and those who will not.) etc.


Conjoint Analysis, related Modelling and Application, John R. Hauser & Vithala R. Rao, 2002 A detailed explanation of how to perform a conjoint analysis has been given in this paper. Through various examples, it has been shown under what condition conjoint analysis can be performed. The various estimation methods that can be used like Random utility models, Regressions, Hierarchical Bayes estimation etc. has been explained. Clarity has been given as to how to interpret the results. The various pragmatic issues and conceptual issues which can be faced have also been described so as to give a clear idea of disadvantages of the model also.
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VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

Understanding the current market
Find Popular Shampoos Decide on shampoos Secondary Research Focus group...

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