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Consumerist Movement Essay

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Shopping malls are the churches of the 21st Century.Turn North, South, East or West the story is the same. Swanky malls with numerous escalators, automated ramps and modern lifts are mushrooming all over india faster than one can blink. Offering the choices of shops, chain-stores, eateries, food courts, movie theatres ,etc,, thereby catering to all ages and tastes. You name it, it’s all there.. 
Undoubtedly, Generations’ Next and X are lucky as they are exposed to all that the new Century’s materialism has to offer. Whatever is available in the developed countries of the East and the West are all available in India.. All made possible by the liberalisation of the economy in the early ...view middle of the document...

In this sense it is a movement or a set of policies aimed at regulating the products, services, methods, and standards of manufacturers, sellers, and advertisers in the interests of the buyer
Indeed, the consumer-culture has truly set in and is on the upswing. Undeniably, this is worrying. As these malls, hyper-markets and such-like have a flip side. While the burgeoning middle classes are having a great time, the aspirations of the lower classes are being spurred on. After all, today’s lower classes are tomorrow’s middle classes, who, in course of time, will fall prey to the same consumerist culture.

Also,In the good olden days the principle of Caveat emptor', which meant buyer beware governed the relationship between seller and the buyer. In the era of open markets buyer and seller came face to face, seller exhibited his goods, buyer thoroughly examined them and then purchased them. It was assumed that he would use all care and skill while entering into transaction.

The maxim relieved the seller of the obligation to make disclosure about the quality of the product. But with the growth of trade and its globalization it is now impossible for the buyer to examine the goods before hand and With manufacturing activity becoming more organized, the sellers are becoming more strong and organised whereas the buyers are still weak and...

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