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Contemporary Art
Thesis statement
An analysis of contemporary artwork reveals that there is a strong relationship between contemporary art and everyday life as artists can use them for environmental and political activities.
One question that most people usually ask themselves when asked about the history of arts is whether art can have a history. Yes, art has a long history, older than most if not all individuals currently living on earth. Most people think of it as being timeless because art has remained beautiful and attractive since the Old Stone Age. Individuals enjoy looking at arts for its own sake not knowing ...view middle of the document...

It mirrors contemporary society and culture, thus it is of great resource importance to students, teachers and the general audience in their day to day activities. What contemporary artists do is that they combine methods, materials, subjects and important concepts aimed at challenging the traditional boundaries Esanu, par 3). They give voice to the rapidly changing and varied cultural landscape of identities, beliefs and values. Having looked at contemporary artists, it is fair that the importance of contemporary audience be noted. The contemporary audience play a very important and active role in giving already made art a meaning. This, according to Esanu, has been confirmed by most artists who always acknowledge that their work would not be complete without the contemporary audience. The audience contribute their own experiences and reflections, interpretations and opinions to artwork.
In general, contemporary art gives a reflection of a wide range of opportunities, technology and media as a whole that helps the audience to understand what it is and how defined it is (Amelia, par 2). Contemporary art in itself is so diverse that as a matter of fact there is no singular way of defining it. It explores ideas, describe the past, present as well as the future and because of this diversity, the best definition given to it is that it is the art of today (Amelia, par 4).
Relationship between Art and Everyday Life
The term “Art” has commonly be used to associate to pieces of work in a museum or a gallery, be it a modern sculpture or a renaissance (Norris, par 1). There is however much more than this in the term. As a matter of fact, art surrounds us and we continuously use it in our day to day living. Someone still imagines how. A high number of people worldwide do not realize how much important art is in their life and how much they rely on it in our daily life. Below is an example of beautiful artwork obtained in one of the art museums in San Francisco.

Art and music
Just like music, art is very important in our lives. It makes one’s heart so joyful and influences one’s mood. In the case of music, assume that you are in the office and you have a work that is difficult to tackle yet you feel tired, energetic music always save the day. The same way, most people find that when they are stressed up, and they listen to relaxing and calming music it always save their day by helping them ease their mind (Norris, par 4).
Art in the home
Trying to imagine of where one calls a home, we realize that there are lots of art in it. Imagine of the beautiful paintings on the wall, photograph or even print placed on the wall. That is all art. As if that is not enough, try looking around your home well, that decorated towel, delightfully patterned quilt on the bed, angle poised desk lamp, even the cute pink covered teapot all form part of art (Norris, par 2).
The joy of Art
One may wonder why others would go to an extent of buying expensive paints yet they...

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