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Contemporary Business Approach Essay

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Unit 2 Assignment
Sociotechnical system approach to management stands out among the rest because it is the only approach that incorporates humans into the management style. This approach is based on the idea that if given the correct tools, training and knowledge that the employees can be productive, and managers can correct errors early on in the work process.
Quantitative Management stands out because this approach has a heavy emphasis on management problems. This is a mathematical approach to management. This approach is designed to allow managers to identify and solve problems and how to make clear and concise decisions. This method is often underused because of the varying tasks of management. Most managers cannot be predicted by a mathematical formula.
Organizational behavior approach has two schools of thought, Theory X which states that a manager ...view middle of the document...

This approach thrives on open systems, taking raw materials, human resources and capital and transform them into whatever product they are marketing. This stresses that one organization is part of a subsystem of organizations.
Along with management strategies, all organizations have varying environments which they work within. The outermost environment in management is the macroenvironment. This layer includes all of the laws and regulations for the organization. Macroenvironment covers the affects that the economy will have on business and managers. It has emphasis on how technology is developed and utilized to promote cutting edge business and it provides advanced methods of communication. The final layer of macroenvironment’s covers demographics; the age, gender, educational levels, incomes and occupations of the parties involved. Good managers formulate strategies to benefit the demographics’ they are working to make the demographics more diverse. This insures that the appropriate workers are hired for specific positions. This insures that there is workplace equality and opportunity for advancement. As a whole, this promotes a strong company.
The four contemporary approaches of management are relevant in all areas of a macroenvironment. Collectively when all of these components work together, the result is strong organization, with productive workers and technologically cutting edge companies. As is true with any team, individually each component has a set of characteristics that are necessary for individual success. Each of these models are self-sustaining. With an open system business, all of these parts need to be in place. When a company is effected by outside environments, and in turn affect the same outside environments, each of the contemporary management approaches have different role to play to insure that companies are productive and advancing.

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