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The effect of globalization has resulted in complex economic and social networking among people of the world. One of the main elements of globalization is the movement of people from one area to another area for various reasons. In most cases, people move to more industrialized and peaceful countries in search of better opportunities and safe environments. The 21st century has seen the increased migration of citizens of one state to another, a period termed as the age of Diasporas (Helman, 2007). The research will focus on immigrants, mainly ...view middle of the document...

Also, the way of life of the asylum seekers is likely to vary with that of the host society, and this will cause more antagonism between the two groups. The presence of health care and social work professionals to help the migrants can have a positive impact on how they manage the transition to a new society (Pacquiao, 2008). The need for better healthcare is one of the reasons for migrating to the new country, and the intervention of the health care professionals will help them adapt to their new environment.

The US, Canada, and Australia top the list of countries with the highest number of refugees and asylum seekers. As at 2006, there were 773 500 asylum seekers who sought sanctuary in another country. They were required to apply for asylum so that they could be granted the right to live as bona fide refugees, receiving protection and resources from the government. An estimated 7.1 Internationally Displaced Persons who are displaced by violence and political instability in their country. There are also 2.3 million stateless persons who need protection and assistance within the country that hosts them (Pacquiao, 2008).

The increase in the number of involuntary migrants has called the health professionals to enter into an ethical, moral obligation and serve the worldwide community. In this case, these professionals are required to have some world citizenship skills that would help them to function in a global community setting. One of these skills the ability to critically analyze one’s culture and personal beliefs. The skills will assist in determining the reasonable support needed for such beliefs. The other skill is the capacity to view the equality of humanity from a personal point of view. The skills will enable them to develop a genuine concern and commitment to the interests of all people. The last skill is the ability to see the world from a point of view of the other. Understanding what the other person feels forms the basis for having a desire to help (Crigger et al., 2006).

Activities of social activism are believed to have started in the 19th century in United States of America and England. At the end of feudalism era, the people began viewing the poor as a direct threat to the social order. The Poor Law is an example of such measures that were taken to address the problem of the poor. The poor law segregated the poor people in society into different categories depending on how poor they were. The groups included the able-bodied poor, idle poor and the significant needy (Kendall, 2007).
During the period of Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, there were significant technological and scientific advancements. During this time, rural to urban migration increased and this increased social problems. The social issues called for a rise in social activism to tackle the social issues. The period also saw an increase in missionary activities whose efforts attempted to solve the problems prevalent in the cities such as...

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