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Contemporary Music Essay

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Music like any other form of entertainment consists of many different distinctions that can oh so easily be made between them. As well as distinctions in, lets say beat, instruments, and overall style we come to see a difference in the fans. Namely, the different arrays of people that go to these concerts have certain characteristics within their respective groups. It is these distinctions that may determine who and what types of people are listening to the music (social status, grooming habits, etc). Furthermore, once you have identified with a "side" if you will then you may possibly be an "outcast" from other groups. An example, being a country lover, who is dressed up in ...view middle of the document...

Reggae, of this nature is more suited to party to, not meaning that reggae produced by a legend such as Bob Marley is no good, its just this type of music is father, thus making it quite easy to really "groove" to it.Rap This music is also of an African American origin and was created for the black youths and adults who live the impoverished life in American and Canadian Projects. Nowadays rap music is comprised of various artists of many different cultures and singing styles. Rap is mostly listened to by the 30 and under crowd but most specifically by the teenage audience who comprise most of the rap sales. Furthermore, rap has broken the barriers to include all races in the buying of the many different albums. Being faint of heart, and having little tolerance of "swear words" will not qualify you as a rap fan, the reason being, it usually contains a lot of it unless you want to hear Will Smith get "Jiggy with it" to music which I personally believe no longer sounds like rap but rather R&B. Rap style consists of baggy jeans, and overall baggy clothing, and...

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