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UNIT 402 – Contemporary people management

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The report will scan the aspects that the change brings in the various departments and how the management specifically the HR responds to them. We will try to find the strategies needed by the organization to deal the change, the strategies that should be implemented in order to manage the transition in a more fluid way.

The other goal of this paper is the analysis, such as the root cause of the positive and negative changes and there effect on the upper management’s relationship within themselves. This report will try to describe the following factors that contribute the company and the challenges it is facing:

– The changes taking place in the organisation

– The reasons for their changes

– Their consequences in terms of power relationships and the management of people in the organisation.

Finally, the report will try to provide the solutions and its prognosis for the suggested solutions and there evaluations of how these changes are being managed. Moreover, their will be a system set in place to monitor and gauge the results.

Company Background
This Company operates in UAE as a family owned business. It is a car dealership company that was established and based in Abu Dhabi since the 1970’s. The company has been a dealership for many international automobile brands such as Porche and presently they are dealers of a Leading North American automaker. The company got its dealership back in 2006 and has since been expanding both laterally and longitudinally.

Company Profile
This Company currently employs over 1,000 people across the UAE in the service industry sector. The company sells around 10,000 vehicles in a year through their 2 showrooms and receives almost 12 times that number for various repairs through their 3 service centers. The Company provides all the pre-sales and aftersales support to the customers of their North American car manufacturer. Service include warranty repairs, accessories sales, trade-in assistance, fleet sales, maintenance schedule packages and certified pre-owned vehicle sales.

The company has three service workshops at different locations, two in Abu Dhabi & Musaffah and one in Al Ain. All workshops are fully equipped with the latest service equipments, computerized diagnostic & testing devices and technically qualified and certified staff. They have sufficient service advisors and certified mechanics & technicians and vehicle testers to ensure the quality of service to their customers.
The Company has a very wide organizational with most of the staff being managed by one service manager in each branch and each service manager being managed one general manager. Accommodation, transportation and food provisions are provided for those on lower salaries and are in compliance with the legal requirements of the Abu Dhabi Government.

Environmental Scan

External Environment
External factors are beyond the control of an organization and ours is no different....

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