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Continuing Academic Success Essay

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Continuing Academic Success

February 16, 2015
Foundations for University Success/GEN 201
Dr. Camille Kelly

Continuing Academic Success

Even though you can be successful without higher education, creating educational goals can contribute to your educational and career success. Also, taking advantage of all the credible and useful resources that the University of Phoenix has to offer, e.g. , the University Library, Center For Writing Excellence, Thesis Statement and Citation Generator, Plagiarism Checker, Work Shops, Alumni Mentor Programs and much more. Planning and managing your time wisely and knowing your learning style will benefit your education and career advancement.
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My personal goal is to graduate from University of Phoenix in four years with my Bachelor’s in Business Science with a Certificate in Business Administration. Managing and planning my time wisely can help to contribute towards my success in school and career advancement in Management.
The importance of knowing my learning style is extremely useful for myself. My learning style is more hands on. So, if I couldn’t catch onto an assignment with visual learning, I wouldn’t feel intimated to request help from an instructor or tutor. Reading and doing the learning center exercises will work great for me. It would allow me to practice on what I’ve read and learned before any of my assignments are submitted. I, recently signed up for the Grammar Workshop from February 25 through February 27, 2015. I’m encouraged that the University of Phoenix workshops are good hands on experience to gain knowledge to help me with any polishing skills or weaknesses. For myself, not understanding a task or assignment leads me to make the same mistakes over and over again, with confusion and frustration.
Unaware of your learning style may lead to many failures in school, work and personal life. Not understanding or not asking for clarity about an assignment or work project, may cause you to turn in incomplete assignments and lose job promotions, e.g. , Incomplete assignments equals to failing grades in which it could result in academic suspension or expelled; Unsatisfactory work projects equals to no career growth or worse, termination.
Using the writing process and resources inside and outside of the University of Phoenix could be very beneficial towards becoming a master student. Remembering the steps of the writing process can help me organize my paper with less anxiety. The writing process steps are: Understanding the requirements of the assignment; Determine the time line, Set short or long term goals to create a realistic schedule for self; Create a thesis statement and research your topic with help from The University of Phoenix Library and CWE; Organize a rough draft outline and write down ideas without correcting any errors and then finalize rough draft. (Writing Process, 2014) Following these steps can help the ideas flow and complete a paper on scheduled. Also, knowing how to effectively communicate verbally and in writing is extremely important in the work force. In my opinion, this is considered to be a demanding skill, not everyone knows how to organize their thoughts and words verbally or on paper, clearly. Having the ability to communicate verbally and written is being requested in classified by more employers. Effectively arranging your thoughts into words on paper or verbally can help you become a master student and advanced career opportunities.
My assessment I took on the EthicsGame website was very...

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