Continuing Accademic Success Essay

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Continuing Academic Success
Heather Cambilargiu
May 25, 2015
Laticia Dezell

Continuing Academic Success
To achieve anything meaningful in life requires knowing where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Achieving academic success is a difficult but rewarding process. It is achieved by setting goals, using the writing process, applying critical thinking skills, knowing your learning style and utilizing all your available resources. If we put our minds to it and work hard then we can succeed. Not only in academics will we succeed but in life as well.
Setting Goals
Academic success is achieved by setting goals. Goals give your life focus and a clear ...view middle of the document...

Critical thinking is one of the most importaint skills learned in a college education. I will take many steps to improve my critical thinking skills. I willl use the tools and resources that are provided here like The Center for Writing Excellence and the University Library tab. I will practice the six levels of powerful thinking. The first level is called Remembering. Can you recall key terms, facts or events? The second level is Understanding. Can you explain this idea in your own words? The third level is Applying. Can you use this idea to produce a desired result? The fourth level is Analyzing. Can you divide this idea into parts or steps? The fifth level is Evaluating. Can you rate the truth, usefulness or quality of this idea and give reasons for your rating? The sixth level is Creating. Can you invent something new based on this idea? College students that recieve degrees without learning critical thinking skills in my opinion have been shortchanged. Thinking is an adventure. There are many possible approches to thinking well. The process comes down to asking and answering the right questions.
The writting Process
Writing is a process that takes time and effort. There is a specific process to follow in order to write a great paper. Throughout your college education you will write many papers and this process will guide you through writing them. If you follow this process you will find success and good grades. The first part of the writing process is called Planning. Durring the planning process you will collect your thought and gather information. The second part is called Prewrite. This includes writing for yourself, brainstorming ideas, freewriting and writing outlines. The third step to the writing process is Drafting. Drafting is different from prewriting. It is writting with the knowledge that others will read it; your rough draft. You need to use the correct format but do not worry about spelling and punctuation. The fourth step is Revising. This is where you will correct spelling and punctuation errors. Revising the clarity or flow of your essay, making sure the reader understands your writing as it is intended. I recommend a fifth step called Editing. Editing is the final step before you submit your paper. Durring the editing process you are doublechecking your work making sure you made all the nessary corrections before you submit your paper to your instructor.
University Resources
The university has many resources and tools to take advantage of. I will use many of the resources here to ensure academic success. I will use the Center for...

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