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Continuity And Change Essay

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Extended Response

Explain using examples how the films have helped you understand adolescence in terms of continuity and change. Use your experience, and the film studies of Yolngu Boy and Looking for Alibrandi to support your response.

The two films viewed in class, as a part of a cross-cultural comparison, Yolngu Boy and Looking for Alibrandi, have assisted myself in understanding adolescence in terms of continuity and change. Adolescence is a generic term however when combining Yolngu Boy and Looking for Alibrandi with my own personal experience, the term becomes much more broad in terms of continuity and change. As seen in the two ...view middle of the document...

For example, most Yolngu boys going through adolescence in today’s society work hard to develop a balance between living the traditional Yolngu life and being apart of an advanced world in terms of media and westernised cultures. This can be highly denoted as Lorrpu and Milika.

Conversely, the film Looking for Alibrandi demonstrates how the continuity of customs in particular societies and cultures affect adolescent in regards to the development of personal and social identity. This has assisted my understanding of adolescence as studying this film has given me the true insight of what it is like to grow up in an environment where the ethnicity and the family environment of an individual, with the customs associated, truly affect the individual. It seems quite obvious to some people that one’s ethnicity and family environment may affect an individual during adolescence, but in regards to my personal experience, I have never witnessed this in my personal life or with others surrounding me. In Looking for Alibrandi, Josephine seems to resent her family’s customs and traditions. Josephine is an adolescent going through a confusing stage in life where she does not know who she is or who she is supposed to be. Through her resentment and personal experiences, Josephine realises that she is lucky enough to have a family that will give her the freedom to do whatever she wants to accomplish in her life, such as producing a career in Law. Towards the end of the film, Josephine embraces her Italian roots and becomes more thankful for the family that she has grown up with. She becomes more than happy to help out with the Tomato Day celebrations and acknowledges everyone in her family. Furthermore, she invites Jacob and her two friends over to celebrate Tomato Day, establishing that she does not need to be shameful and hide from being with an Italian family.

The term change can be defined as a break down with tradition. Societies and cultures may conduct themselves in different ways compared to previous years. The film Yolngu Boy demonstrates how adolescence is indeed a confusing period. In the start of the film, Lorrpu, Milika and Botji are all young Yolngu boys, searching for their personal and social identity. The media all in some way affects them as they are essentially growing up in the media age. The Yolngu tribe recognise that the media is something that cannot be avoided, however the community must learn to remember the true essence of family and tradition. It would not be unusual for any adolescent to be consumed by the media surrounding them and forgetting the true essence of family and tradition. From being a Yolngu boy understanding the true essence of the Yolngu culture, Botji becomes a person who is consumed by media and westernised cultures by smoking, drinking and shoplifting. Yolngu Boy has helped me understand...

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