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Continuum Of Process Care Essay

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Continuum Of Care Process
Traumatic brain injury can be a very serious problem among adults in the U.S. It can occur without warning and can change your life in an instant. Brain injury is responsible for a substantial number of deaths and even permanent disabilities (“Traumatic Brain Injury,” 2014).
In order to treat this type of injury adults usually undergo a step-by-step process through different health care settings. The patient would seek assistance from a hospital, their healthcare provider, pharmacies and from pharmaceutical companies. All these health care settings work together to enhance the health and wellness of our communities.
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Barton describes this a “mechanism to protect against unpredictable loss, and to transfer risk from insured individuals to insurers,” (Barton, 2010).
Factors like geographic location, age group, and socioeconomic status can have a huge impact on the delivery and utilization of services along the continuum of care. Unfortunately, not everyone have equal access to health care. For example, in certain remote areas in India families can’t afford to seek medical attention so therefore their illnesses are usually left untreated. Also, people with a low socioeconomic status typically utilize health care services when charges are on a sliding scale basis or if there are other resources that are able to pay for their expenses such as Medicaid. Therefore, this leads to poor health problems among low-income families (Barton, 2010).
As an administrator, health services may be different if GMRC was located in an urban or metropolitan city. In a metropolitan city, I would first have to consider who uses health care services more often and try to cater to that demographic. According to Barton, age affects utilization of health services. Young adults use preventative and checkup services more frequently than older adults. However, significant amounts of the US population are baby boomers and their demand for health services have increased. The elderly population will grow three times as much, roughly 1.8...

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