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Jacquelyn Slade
August 30, 2010
Audrey Crooms

A variety of health care services in the United States provides continuum of care for health services. The need for long-term care is growing as the average life span of Americans continues to lengthen. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services estimates that about nine million men and woman over the age of 65 in the United States will need long-term care. Long-term care is a range of medical and social services designed to help people who has disabilities or chronic care needs. Services may be short or long-term and may be in a personal home in the community or in a residential facility. Long-term care facilities such ...view middle of the document...

Long-term care facilities include nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and long-term care hospitals. Long-term care is a variety of services which helps meets the medical and non-medical needs of people who can’t care for themselves. Long-term care is best understood as a continuum of care. Long-term care concentrates on helping individuals to function as well as possible. Long-term care helps with daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing eating, or other personal care. Patients, who require long-term care also requires acute care when they are sick. The predominant strategy in long-term care is to integrate treatment and living for elders with functional disabilities not to undervalue health care for those obtaining long-term care but to incorporate health care into the context of the functions of daily life ( Kane et al. ,1998). Long-term care is diverse in terms of level of disability and age. Although a minority of all elderly people needs long-term care at any given time, the need rises after the age of 65. In providing care for the elderly in long- term facilities the nurses provide the majority of the health care while physicians are acting only as medical directors in long-term care in nursing homes or home health agencies. The most paid providers of long-term care are the certified nursing assistants and paraprofessional who works in the nursing home who delivers the largest share of personal care, and assistance with managing daily life. Long-term care costs make up a small but growing proportion of personal health care expenditures increasing from less than four percent in 1960 to more than 11 % in 1993 ( Alecxih, 1997b). Concerning long-term health care many Americans assume that Medicare, supplemental policies or standard health insurance polices will cover expensed, but financing to pay for long-term care comes from the federal, state, and local levels and private dollars, coming form the consumer’s own pocket. Medicaid is the primary public payer for long-term care particularly in nursing homes. Medicaid will cover both medical and non-medical related long-term care but to qualify for Medicaid a person has to have less than $2,000 in assets and insufficient to the pay the cost. Medicare does not pay for long-term care. In some situations Medicare will pay some of the cost of Medical beneficiaries who require skill nursing services. Although the majority of long-term care services aren’t paid at all, they are taken care of by 52 million unpaid caregivers primarily family members and friends of those needing long-term care. Long-term care is an important component of health care reforms and resources providing accessible, affordable, and high quality long-term care service to an aging population presents a growing challenge to long-term care providers.
Transitioning Patients
The definition of care transition is “a series of movement back and forth one functional state to another and from one service setting to...

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