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Contra Indications (Beauty Level 3) Essay

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Contraindication that restrict treatments from being carried out

305 MASSAGE | 306 FACE ELEC | 307 BODY ELEC | Aroma 309 | Stone therapy |
Sunburn on the face. It would be best to advice the client to use a after sun and avoid the area | Cuts on the face would restrict the treatment but you could put Vaseline and void this area | Eczema as currents from the machine can cause irritation to the skin even the pad | Pregnancy – it would not be ethical to apply massage around the abdomen area if a client confirms they are pregnant. | Sunburn – application of hot stones could cause the client discomfort and pain. Areas affected should be avoided |
Varicose veins avoid the area as massage ...view middle of the document...

Area should be avoided during treatment | Varicose veins – treatment may cause veins to burst. Area should be avoided during treatment | Bruises – Application of stones could be painful to bruised areas |
Mensuration as this can cause discomfort and make the client have a heavier period | Acne Vulgaris - Not contagious type can have ozone to hep dry out the oily skin | Extremely nervous clients may find the sensations/noises of the equipment anxious/uneasy. | Cuts/ Abrasions – would make treatment uncomfortable and may cause secondary infection to occur | Varicose Veins – Tucking stones would not be able to be placed under the leg areas |
Cuts and abrasions -this can be covered with waterproof dressing and avoid the area | Swelling - This is when the skin has had an impact ie black eye avoid the area | Cuts and abrasions on the body should be covered with waterproof dressing and avoided during treatment | High/Low blood – treatment could make the condition worse for the client | Epilation – could cause skin to become more sensitive. Hot stone application could cause discomfort |
Tapotement movements must not be done on the elderly as this would cause pain and discomfort | Broken Cheek Bone - This is best to work around after the bone has set and avoid the area | Parkinson’s disease may restrict the client from feeling if the sensation of the machine is too strong. | History of a thrombosis or embolism –...

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