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Contrasting The View Upon Nayure Between Two 20th Century Poets, D.H. Lawrence And Karl Shapiro

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English 2 - Pre-APThroughout the history of literature, poetic views of nature has evolved through time. One of the most differing eras is the twentieth century. With it's non-classical views, the twentieth century is one of the most influential eras. While the Victorian era practiced traditional values, the twentieth century influences techniques of love and the loss of the beauty in nature. Poets of the same century have multiple views, many differing. Two major twentieth century poets are D.H. Lawrence and Karl Shapiro. D.H. Lawrence loves and is in touch with nature, while Karl Shapiro cares more of war and satires of government, not giving much thought to nature. Even though both poets ...view middle of the document...

He states that the sea is 'celebate and single,' referring to a person. He treats this part of nature as if it is a real person. He does his with great passion showing his love for nature. He goes further stating, 'Sea only you are free, sophisticated.' Here again one views the humanistic views upon nature. Nature to Lawrence is an individual, trying to survive in this world of chaos. He refers to the sea as being a perfect individual. Throughout this poem, Lawrence constantly refers to nature as humanistic, much unlike most twentieth century poetry. He has the passion and love that most poets of that century do not. Karl Shapiro is another leading poet amongst the twentieth century. Shapiro was in World War II and, much like Ernest Hemingway, wrote primarily of war. His poems of war 'disclose the ugliness of wartime world that has replaced the merely tawdry cheapness of prewar America. But, the naturally increased bitterness resulting from the war may conceal a change not only in what the poet sees, but in the perspective from which he sees it well' (Magill, 1680). The only human greatness in his poetry is a greatness forced from the heart of human darkness. Shapiro has 'studied peace as if the world was flat' and 'faltered at each brilliant entity - drawn like a prize from a magician's hat (Magill, 2542). He was more interested in social meaning rather than nature (Stepanchev, 485). He bean writing on the philosophy that 'everything we are taught is false' (Spears, 487). 'Karl Shapiro's poems are fresh and young and rash and live: their hard clear outlines, their flat bold colours create a world like that of a knowing and skilful neo-primitive painting, without any of the confusion or profoundity of atmosphere, aerial perspectives, but notable vision and satiric force' (Randall, 485). In one of Shapiro's lesser known poems, 'Phenomenon,' he illustrates the illusion of war to nature. He states that the evening was 'saturated with the obscurity of night.' He depicts the wonder and mystery of night. While Lawrence humanized nature, Shapiro is expressing his confusion and wonder of nature. Shapiro neither likes or hates nature, he has no point of view. He believes that it is mysterious. He goes further nd states that the sun was 'an irritated rim.' He is very melancholy and sure of nature affect of people. He speaks as if it is more harmful than helpful. It, again, is compared to something that is not a major factor is his life. He writes this poem as if nature is just a pigment of life. Karl Shapiro was, indeed, a twentieth century poet. He did not see the beauty of nature that D.H. Lawrence saw. While the Romantics were more in touch with nature, the twentieth century cared more of future ideas. Shapiro cared more of social issues rather than the quest for a meaning of nature. In conclusion, even though two poets are in the same century, they may not have the same views and writing techniques. One major idea of conflict within...

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