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Topic 4.Controlling
Topic 1: What is Control and Why Engage in It?
Many people think of the word “control” in the context of manipulating someone or something. They think of control as getting someone to do something that WE want them to do, and it follows that they may NOT want to do it!
In management, control has a different meaning. It is simply an information system that provides valuable feedback. In your textbook, control is defined as “the process of monitoring activities to ensure that they are being accomplished as planned and correcting any significant deviations” (Robbins et al., page 308). In other words, you measure the results you are getting and compare this ...view middle of the document...

Control does:
* Empower employees
* Proof of organizational goals being met
* Protect the organization and the physical workplace
* Goals
* Strategies
* Plans

* Structure
* Human Resources Management
* Standards
* Measurements
* Comparison
* Action

* Motivation
* Leadership
* Communication
* Individual and Group Behaviour

Bureaucratic Control and Adhocracy Control
Your textbook discusses characteristics of three approaches to designing control systems: market control, bureaucratic control, and clan control (Robbins et al., pp. 309–310) However, your textbook does not discuss adhocracy control. Whereas bureaucratic control focuses on control given by virtue of organizational authority, adhocracy control emphasises individual or self-control. Adhocracy control may be appropriate to learning and boundaryless organizations.

Activity 4-1: What is Control?
In this activity, you will learn about what control is and why control is an important management activity. Instructions
Part A: Reading
* Read pages 306–310 (up to "Clan Control: Understanding How Organizational Culture Works") in Chapter 11 of your textbook, Fundamentals of Management. As you are reading, consider why control is such an important aspect of the management process.
Types of Control
Market Control - An approach control that emphasizes the use of external market mechanism, such as price competition and relative market share, to establish the standards used in the control system.
Bureaucratic Control – Emphasizes organizational authority. Relies on administrative and hierarchical mechanism, such as rules, regulations, procedures, standardization of activities, well-defined job descriptions, and budgets to ensure that employees exhibit appropriate behaviours and meet performance standards.
Clan Control – Regulates employee behaviour by the shared values, norms, traditions, rituals, beliefs, and other aspects of the organization’s culture. Often used by organizations in which teams are common and technology is changing rapidly.
Clan Control is both more flexible and more enduring than either market or bureaucratic control. When employees are guided by a strong set of values and norms, they can be empowered to make decisions that will benefit the company in the long run.
Adhocracy Control - Adhocracy control emphasises individual or self-control. Adhocracy control may be appropriate to learning and boundaryless organizations.

Organizational culture
Organizational culture = A system of shared meaning and beliefs held by organizational members that determines, in large degree, how employees act.
Definition of organ culture implies three things:
1. Culture is a perception. Individuals perceive the organizational culture on the basis of what they see, hear, or experience within the organization.
2. Culture is shared....

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