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Controversy Essay

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Globalization and Education Technology

Johnathon Norman

Grand Canyon University

The development of technology in the recent years has not only changed the way we visualize a classroom, but also it changes how students learn. One of the biggest issues with the advancement of technology is a teacher understanding how to effectively understand how to utilize and incorporate it into their curriculum. Once the educators understand the positives with the introduction of technology into the classrooms and the students learn how to effectively learn how to utilize the technology to advance their education. Globalization has affected many areas of the human ...view middle of the document...

edu). This has become a huge issue over the years with other countries increasing and utilizing technology more and helping their students advancing their skill sets. With that advancement, those countries excelling in the use of technology has allowed them to better their countries education system, where as we have fallen. The biggest influence or lack of influence has been the lack of knowledge of the advanced technology and the lack of a budget.
With the introduction of the computer and political control of the education with the use of textbook companies, inhibited the educators understanding of the use of computers andadvanced technology in the school. The demands of the state required tests cost 5 million dollars to administer, with that budget it would allow not only the school district to purchase the required technology but will also allow them to provide the proper training to ensure proper utilization. According to Rudnesky (2003), computers need to be utilized daily in order to ensure that we are becoming proficient and to ensure that we are making technology transparent, that it is providing the right direction. When we become proficient in anything, whether its technology or mathmatics, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to truly understanding the information and will be able to compete on a more competetive scale. We will initially utilize the technology because we have to, because it is there, but if we do it with the intent to learn and to advance our education we will grow tremendously.
The globalization of education creates obstacles and areas for improvements. A better or more advanced education will enable us to create the answers to the problems that arise by globalization. What is the goal of globalized education? The current goals of has become of great concern, We need to understand what the end outcome will be and design and implement a plan in order to successfully reach those goals, the main one should be to ensure that our children receive the education they deserve and that they are able to be competitive with children of other Nations. Educational goals are seen to be an area of great concern in the era of globalization. Universities will continually play a immense role increasing a better society. (S. Chinnammai, 2005)
A global society that is driven by the use of technology that contributes to the development of future citizens, our children into more knowledgeable global citizens, intelligent people with a more broad skill set that allows them to become more competitive in the word. The future of a country is their ability to be able to compete in the global market. The developments in technology in education have shown that there is a shift forms us being a industrial based society to one that is information based. We have seen a change in the world towards a complete reliance on the use of electronic devices in order to deliver content. This ahs include the use of...

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