Controversy Over The Vietnam War Essay

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Controversy over the Vietnam War
“South Vietnam is fighting for its life against a brutal campaign of terror and armed attack inspired, directed, supplied, and controlled by the Communist regime in Hanoi” (“Aggression from the”). The longest war, lasting from 1959 to 1975, the United States of America participated in had a total cost of fifty-eight thousand American lives and three million Vietnamese lives (Goldstein). These deaths are the result of the Vietnam War, a highly controversial battle. The Viet Cong are Vietnamese communist rebels who are under the leader, Ho Chi Minh (“Vietnam War”). He is a devoted communist who wants all of Vietnam to become a communist country. As a result ...view middle of the document...

Certain college campuses had set up protests for the Vietnam War to be ended with. On the day of May 4, 1970, four students from Kent State University in Ohio were shot dead by national guards, resulting in the end of protests on college campuses (Goldstein).
The United States of America had failed upon finishing the Vietnam War because the United States citizens did not support it but the mean to push away communism had set up with the correct motivation to use it (Tucker). Many reasons are included to why the United States participation is justified.
The United States of America tried to defend against the invasion on Southern Vietnam led by the Viet Cong from Northern Vietnam. Southern Vietnam would have had no chance against Northern Vietnam by themselves, so the United States of America would have to get involved in order for a fighting chance (“Vietnam War”). President Lyndon B. Johnson said in a letter “Our objective is the independence of South Vietnam and its freedom from attack” (Johnson). “The purpose…is to assist the Government of Vietnam in developing and maintaining a strong, viable state, capable of resisting attempted subversion or aggression through military means” (Eisenhower). These quotes prove that the United States wanted to support South Vietnam and stop the attack caused by the Viet Cong from the North.
The entire southeast region of Asia could have been under the influence of communism if the United States did not intervene with the Vietnam War. The countries could have built up together and seek to completely destroy democracy and have communism as the dominance over democracy. Afterwards, it is believed communism would soon reach the United States’ doorsteps and that the United States would have to fight against communist domination (Goldstein). This was a simulation that was believed to have happened if the United States did not participate within the Vietnam War and stop communism right there and then.
New methods of attack for battle were developing during the Vietnam War such as the “Hit-and-Run Tactic” and a trick involving the grenade. The grenade tactic was when the Viet Cong put the grenade under the ground and the American troops believed it needed to be unwired. The American troops would take out the pin of the grenade causing the grenade to explode and kill the soldier and his teammates. The Viet Cong had used varieties of these with some being the mine and some being the grenade which forced mind tricks against the troops and had the soldiers keep on guessing what to do for this certain trap. These two new methods allowed much more variety within combat and kept the opposing side guessing if this is what they are using or not. The results of these two tactics from the Viet Cong had caused many deaths to the opposing side (Berman).
The United States of America had experienced their first lost in a war and how to improve from it (Tucker). The cause of the withdrawal of American troops from the...

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