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Sneha Saggurthi 2/15/15 FYS 101 Short paper 1

Confronting the Complexity of Conversation

I was up to my neck in my roommates dirty tissues, dirty dishes, and dirty habits. Her piles of trash and dirty clothing was weighing down on my last nerve. I sat her down and had just began to calmly explain to her that I simply cannot keep living in such horrid conditions when a large bellow escaped her mouth and quickly transformed into a demonic verbal attack as I was slain by her aggressive vocables and her, not surprisingly, dirty mouth. That was the last conversation we’ve ever had. According to Merrian-Webster, conversation is defined as an “oral exchange of sentiments, observations, ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, conversation can only be commenced in situations where judgement is not an issue. In order for conversation to be successful, one must have an open mind and respect others in the conversation, therefore establishing comfort. Furthermore, communication can be facilitated in numerous ways now because of remarkable advances in technology. For example, now one can communicate to others via email, video chat, telephone, chat forums, social media, text messaging, postage, etc. The possibilities are endless. These advances in technology allow individuals to communicate to people far away, multiple people at a time, and even communicate with strangers. I believe that technology helps one communicate with others because now one can branch out and find others with similar interests as them online. These advancements also allow ubiquitous results in conversation now that communication doesn’t just have to be in person. However, although technology often helps a cause, it usually brings an obstacle with it as well. Because more people are getting hooked on technology, they are losing their communication skills in person. People are spending more times distracting themselves from the world by being on their phones than actually being a part of the world around them. Instead of talking to the people around them, they

spend their time engrossed in technology. Some may argue that by being on their phones and texting, people are technically communicating with others. However, I believe that a healthy balance between conversation virtually and physically is necessary in order for conversation to be successful. If someone spends all their time conversing online, real life communication could be viewed as a scary and uncommon thing to them,...

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