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‘Cool’ The ‘Merchants Of Cool’ Are A Group Of People

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'Cool' The 'merchants of cool' are a group of people that go out to make money and decide what is 'cool' for teenagers in the upcoming season and what should sell well on the market. They try to tell teenagers what the 'cool' look, drink, professional athlete, language, music groups, and what many various other things are going to be 'cool'. I believe that Christians need to respond to what is 'cool' in a way pleasing to God, so that they are in the world, not of the world. Advertisers that are targeting teens take the ...view middle of the document...

As of today, I visualize the 'cool' look for girls as short, tight, and low. The more skin you have showing the better, especially at the midriff. Having bleached hair, and being as skinny as a toothpick is also in. For boys the 'cool' fashion is baggy, baggy, and baggier. Also having bleached hair, wearing baseball hats, and being muscular is 'cool'. Christians have a responsibility to treat their bodies with respect as the temple of God. God does not want us to become worldly, He wants us to treat others with respect and evangelize to them. To teach others the way of the Lord may require you to be apart of their inner circle of friends so that they will give you the time of day to listen, and to do this you may need to look 'cool', but you can still look 'cool' without going over the limit. Looking in style, and looking and acting over the edge pleasing to God are two different things, but you can still befriend the world by adding a little hip-hop and pizzazz to you style without dishonoring God. We are God's children and just as children obey their parents we need to obey our Father in Heaven. I believe that we need to be in the world and teach those around us about the Father, but we can still do that without playing apart in their obscenities.

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