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The purpose of this paper is to examine Schizotypal personality disorder from a case study standpoint. There are three cases this paper will examine. Furthermore, inferences and observations will be made in an attempt to gain further insight. In the first case study, a man named himself El-Or (real name George) is on a mission to save the Earth from an impending alien invasion. The second case study is about a woman named R, Dottie who developed symptoms of Schizotypal Personality Disorder after a turbulent childhood. She worked at a church briefly before being admitted to a psychiatric ward. The third case study examines a lifelong case study of Ludwig II, King of Bavaria.
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These aliens will decide who will live and who will die. Some of humankind has already chosen to defect to the alien regime and spy on the remaining untainted humans. George renamed himself El-Or and has a daily routine that’s paramount for his cause. Upon waking every day, George paints a bright red square on his forehead to make the aliens believe that he’s already under their control. Additionally, he wears a multi-colored armband and ankle bracelets as further testament to his “allegiance” (Vaknin, 2007). These characteristics help illustrate the reality that George lives through every day. At age nine, George recalled being witness to an alien encounter in his own backyard. While there may never be an accurate explanation for this event, it nonetheless created an idea of reference for George; that is, he believes that this event is somehow related to the chain of events that took place thereafter.
One of the theoretical causes of Schizotypal Personality Disorder is problems arising from a rough childhood as well as people whose parents suffer from mental illnesses themselves (Asarnow et al., 1991). According to R. Dottie's own recollection, both of her parents abused her until the age of sixteen. Additionally, she reports being raped by her uncle and brother at that time. From this point on, Dottie decided to leave her home finding refuge mostly in the streets. At times, she'd live in boxcars and alleys selling her body and drugs to meet her needs.
It wasn't until age twenty-four that Dottie's symptoms started to appear. The first sign was a buzzing noise that persisted both day and night. This same noise bothered her to the point of her having to shout at others to overcome it. Paranoia followed as she felt others were turning on her. "I could hear them laughing at me and trying to figure out how to get me to come out of my room. And my hear hurt so bad! It was like coming down from a really bad trip" However, Dottie's most severe episode took place when she sought a solution to get others to leave her alone. Upon going upstairs she informed the minister that she'd been living in a personal Hell and wanted him to know what it was like so he could become a better preacher (Case Study).
Even though Dottie didn't have fantasies of an alien invasion, the persistent echo in her ears is evidence of a false "bodily illusion." The afflicted may feel as if there is an external force that is against them or there is an uncanny presence wherever they happen to be. In Dottie's case, the force was the echo in her ear and the external forces were those other individuals whom she felt...

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