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Coopers and Lybrand Ltd

Coopers and Lybrand Ltd is a private limited company. Finance is
needed throughout a company's life. The type and amount of finance
required for a business depends on many factors: type of business,
success of firm and state of the economy. There are two main types of
money that a company needs: Capital expenditure and working capital.
Capital expenditure is used for buying fixed assets where a large
amount of money but not often purchased. Working capital is
day-to-day money required for running the business. These are
short-term finance which is usually needed to star t up a business to
cover the day-to-day running ...view middle of the document...

Coopers and
Lybrand are also able to use trade credit. This is when a business
normally doesn’t pay for things before they take possession of it.
They will place orders for supplies and pay for it after receiving
them. This will help the business to develop a good relationship with
their suppliers.

Coopers and Lybrand’s have a large variety of choices between external
sources of finance. One external source of finance is commercial
banks. The bank offers overdrafts or loans to the company. An
overdraft is short term finance and it is useful for companies to
borrow a small amount of money. The business will have to pay the
money back in a short period of time and they will have to pay
interest. A bank loan is a long term source of finance, and loans
usually include a large amount of money. Coopers and Lybrand’s can
use their loans to buy fixed assets such as machinery and vehicles. A
loan will be paid back to the bank each month in monthly installments;
however they will have to pay interest which might be a problem. The
company can also use building societies. Building societies provide
loans but they specialise in mortgages. A mortgage is a special type
of loan usually used to buy property. A mortgage is paid back over a
long period of time with an interest rate. The final external sources

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