Copes Research Paper: Family Intervention In Substance Dependent Middle School Students

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COPES Research Paper: Family Intervention in Substance-Dependent Middle School Students

Description of Agency and Problem
Middle schools located in the Bronx, New York, parallel to all schools in the United States, strive to promote academic success. However, upon working at a particular middle school in this region, it is evident that there are multiple difficulties that prevent students from achieving their highest school performance. Growing up in detrimental contexts such as poverty and crime, students at this middle school struggle with a problem that has been of growing and urgent concern: substance abuse. Unfortunately, progress reports, grade point averages, and referrals to the ...view middle of the document...

This specified format is a practical way of conducting research in regards to the current problem in middle school students. Utilizing a structured design that includes a client type, desired and alternate courses of action, and a set objective would be helpful in examining whether family interventions for this population can help minimize substance abuse and consequently result in better academic performance. As a result of these guidelines, the present COPES question is: If substance-dependent middle school adolescents with poor academic achievement receive family intervention as opposed to no intervention, will they exhibit less substance-abusing behavior and ultimately improve in their school performance?

In order to accurately proceed with Gibb’s (2003) evidence-based practice procedure, it is important to follow the MOLES outline, which is known to yield practical and useful results. The first crucial step is to define the universe for the search (Gibbs, 2003). Once a general MOLES has been conducted, it is then important to narrow the search into viable and manageable results Gibbs, 2003). For this present search, PsycInfo and Google Scholar were the databases used to find results that would be relevant to the previously stated COPES question.
For this study, two different search strings were conducted on PsycInfo. The defined universe for the first search focused on the problem behavior of the client type. This first term (substance abuse or drug abuse) yielded 48,489 results. Considering the population of interest, the search then used the terms (substance abuse or drug abuse) and (middle school student or adolescent), which resulted in 5959 hits. For the following set of search terms, the focus was on the form of therapy. This resulted in a search for (substance abuse or drug abuse) and (middle school student or adolescent) and (family intervention or family therapy or family-based or family-centered), which yielded 445 results. Finally, after including the ultimate goal for intervention, 13 hits resulted from the terms (substance abuse or drug abuse) and (middle school student or adolescent) and (family intervention or family therapy or family-based or family-centered) and (school performance or academic achievement or school achievement or academic performance). From these final results, 5 of the 13 results were relative to the present research.
Using an alternative search strategy, the second search consisted of setting the universe differently from the first in order to obtain more results that still addressed the COPES question. The first term was (family intervention or family therapy), which resulted in 21,674 hits. The next terms (family intervention or family therapy) and (substance abuse or drug abuse) yielded 958 results. The search reduced to 17 results with the terms (family intervention or family therapy) and (substance abuse or drug abuse) and (school performance or academic achievement or school...

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