Copper Industry International Business Essay

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Copper Industry

The Copper Industry is a globally attractive industry due to the great demand for the resource as well as the striking economic value. The copper industry is a multi-billion dollar global market. With mines all across the world, drillers are constantly pushing to get their hands on a bigger piece of the market. Copper is an extremely valuable resource due to its corrosion resistance, high conductivity, and ability to alloy with other metals. The electrical, electronic, and communications industries account for the most usage of this attractive metal. The metal is also frequently used in the construction industry for water pipes and wiring. With such a global demand on construction and infrastructure, this resourceful metal has a strong future growth potential. The copper industry is very prosperous and has a solid future due to the growth in global capital expenditures and as ...view middle of the document...

This industry is useful in my other course work as it provides a global spectrum of the worth of copper economically. It is a globally inspired multi-billion dollar industry with many producers located in Canada. This topic covers the comparable financials of the copper industry between Canada and the rest of the World. It is also interesting to see what this metal is used for across the world as well as how it is used by different cultures with different ways of living. This industry also benefits my interest in project management and construction management; as I can see the multiple uses, costs, productivity, properties, and efficiency of copper.
In my report, I will break down my research of the copper industry into many subtopics. The subtopics I will focus on are: the industries in which are benefitted by copper, the multiple uses of the resource, the costs associated in producing the metal, the challenges faced with the production and sale of the metal, and some research about the many producers across the world and how each producer operates.


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