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Core 4 Final Essay

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Kevin Galeano
Professor Layne
Core 4 Final
May 14th 2015

Biotechnology, genetically engineered crops, genetic modification and genetically modified organisms are only a fraction of the phrases used when debating the argument over genetically modified foods. Genetically modified foods are discussed by numerous names such as biotech crops, genetically engineered crops (GE), and genetically modified organisms (GMO). According to World Health Organization “Genetically modified (GM) foods are foods derived from organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally, e.g. through the introduction of a gene from a different organism.” It includes the ...view middle of the document...

” The United States society is not alone awareness with the development of genetically modified foods. Around the world, industries, governments, organizations, and consumers are debating what the benefits and risks are.
Certainly, the impression of corrupting with food is going to be rejected by society. The advancing technology involving genetically modified food is still young and there hasn’t been any real long-term testing of GMOs to even detect any possible problems. Nevertheless, false representations of GMOs have blowout of proportion and the actual truth has not be fully mentioned. New technology will always have its positive and negative aspects and it will take a while to characterize them. Genetic engineering and biotechnology with food is a new advancement apart of our constantly evolving world that needs to be better understood. It’s essential to understand and inform ourselves on what exactly genetically modified food is; and what it has to offer before ending the concept.
Innovative agriculture technology such as genetically modified crops is a product of the evolution of food. GMO technology allows genes to be directly manipulated to create desired traits that would conventionally take many generations to naturally cultivate. Farmers embrace these technological advancements because it increases/protects their yields, reduces their reliance on chemicals, and makes them more efficient. Traditional seeds have a considerably lower profit compared to genetically modified seeds. This is because GM crops are threatened from certain pests, and this prevents yields losses to pests, allowing the plant to approach its yield potential. In addition, biotechnology decreases the cost of production because it eliminates the excess use of pesticide applications and other inputs used.
GM crops are created to be insect resistance, herbicide tolerance, and virus tolerance. Insect pests are a predominant part of agricultural crops worldwide and they significantly reduce yield of plants. Consequently, an IR (insect resistance) trait is inserted into crop, which results in less pesticide spraying. Correspondingly, a gene from a bacterium is introduced to GM crops to resistant some herbicides. This results in GM crops not being affected by herbicides. In addition, by making plants less susceptible to disease through inputting virus resistance DNA traits results in higher crop yields. All these inserted resistance and tolerance DNA traits prevents the loss of any yield. The semantic of genetic modification can be seen as a major set back to most people’s understanding of the technology. However, these advantageous characteristics of GMOs mentioned have the potential to better expand agriculture on a global scale. Similarly GMOs aren’t considerably accepted and understood by most, they are increasingly present throughout the world. National Geographic website states (GM) crops are being planted on an immense scale roughly 130 million acres in 13...

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