Core Beliefs Of The Jewish Religious Tradition

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In the Jewish religious tradition, the fundamental beliefs of monotheism and creation are expressed through aspects of the tradition. According to the Jewish religious tradition, God is omnipotent and all knowing. He is the ultimate creator. God created the universe from nothing, a void, a deep (Creatio ex nihilo) -Gen 1:2, He willed the earth and it was so. He created light and darkness, heaven and earth, land and sea, vegetation and finally the pinnacle of all creation, man. -Gen 1. Through aspects such as myths and narratives, sacred texts, rituals, symbols and codes of behaviour, these beliefs are not only expressed, but provide people with a deeper meaning, understanding, and a ...view middle of the document...

As man possesses a moral and ethical conscience, this suggests that God is ethical and honorable.

God is the supreme creator. He created the universe and all life that dwells within. The belief in creation provides Jews with an understanding of where, why and how they were created. The act of creation is described in the Torah (holy scriptures containing 5 books of Moses). It illustrates the order and significance of creation and emphasizes the purpose and superiority of man. On the seventh day of creation, God rested, and blessed this day as He had created the entire universe -Gen 2:1-3. This day is celebrated every Saturday and is known as Shabbat (The Sabbath). On this day, the Jewish people thank God and bless his creations. On Shabbat and erev Shabbat (Sabbath eve), Jews recite passages and prayers about God's creation of the universe from a variety of sources, including the sidur (daily prayer book), and the torah. On Shabbat, 2 candles are lit to signify God's creation of light and darkness. Other rituals that take place on Shabbat are the 2 challot (Sabbath bread) which symbolize when the Israelites were wandering in the desert and they took 2 loaves of manna(bread) on evev Shabbat so that they would not desecrate Shabbat. Before performing such rituals as the lighting of the candles, and eating the bread, prayers are said to bless them just as God blessed all of the creations of which He had created.

God hollowed this seventh day of creation, and as He did do then,...

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