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Corn Threshing Machine Operation, Maintenance, Storage, Faults And Solutions

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Ⅰ. Corn Threshing Machine Operation and Maintenance:

1. Corn Threshing Machine Operation and maintenance

1.1 Read the manual carefully first.

1.2 Check Corn Threshing Machine as follows carefully.
1.2.1 Check whether there has foreign matter inside of the conveyor trough and the threshing cylinder.

1.2.2 Check whether each part of belt transmission has correct connection and whether the tightness degree is moderate.

1.2.3 Check whether each adapting piece is loose.

1.2.4 Check whether each part of oiling device is filled lubrication oil.

1.2.5 Check whether the safety device is complete and secure.

1.2.6 Check whether the machine placing is smooth and steady.

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2. Because the Corn Threshing Machine and the auxiliary machinery are too heavy, the road driving speed of the tractor should not be higher than 30KM to avoid the thresher damage.

3. After threshing, clean the machine and coat oil to prevent rust. Then put Corn Threshing Machine in the dry room free from corrosion, such as acid or alkali, to reduce the corrosion from wind, snow and dust.

Ⅲ. As for corn threshing machine Common faults and solutions, please browse our website.

Besides, the follwing safety problems should also be noticed:
Before Corn Threshing Machine operation, please read the operation manual carefully. Make clear the safe operation rules of the operation manual.

Second, before operation, please check all of the safety signs and operation instruction. Supplement it in time if there has any defect.

Third, make sure that the threshing cylinder stays in the specified speed range when we change power. The exposed transmission part should have protective device and ground protection when we use...

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