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Corporate Culture Essay

1013 words - 5 pages

Tran Thi Thu Huong
Columbia Southern University

Four critical questions to ask in any boardroom of both large and small companies around the world in the 21st century are how to attract and keep talented people, how to increase profits and shareholder value, how to increase creativity and productivity, and how to ensure ethics permeate the corporate culture. These four points involve to organization management, particularly to manage organizational culture. After researching 207 companies within 22 industries between 1977 and 1988, John Kotter & James ...view middle of the document...

Kotter and James L. Heskett show that companies with strong adaptive cultures based on shared values outperformed other companies by a significant margin.
A. Organizational culture affects organizational effectiveness because
1. Provide an organization with a competitive advantage
2. Improve the way an organizational structure works
3. Increase the motivation of employees to pursue organizational interests
B. Why values drive the shareholder values
1. Values drive culture
2. Culture drives employee fulfillments
3. Fulfillments drives customer satisfaction
4. Satisfaction drives shareholder value
III. How to build a successful organizational culture
A. Culture discipline
Every organization that achieved greatness first built a culture of discipline (James, 2001).
B. The balancing management between
The corporate culture must be established at the top (Clara, 2013).
1. Effective performance management and developing people
2. Authoritarian and democratic culture in management style
3. Balancing between freedom to innovation and compliance
4. Decision-making delegation and leadership role
C. Create a comfortable climate
Cultivating a professional atmosphere where your employees know what to expect and what is expected of them is crucial to employee retention and production, as well as a company’s overall success. It is an investment in time and energy that is well worth making (Clara, 2013).
1. Energy room
2. Dressing at work place
3. Work-life balance
D. Recognition culture
Organizations have found that immediate recognition provides the strongest reinforcement (Mike, 2013).
IV. How an organization’s culture is transmitted successful to its members
Employees are expected to be thorough to the organizational culture in order to fully fulfill and deliver assigned tasks by the way organizations want. Culture is transmitted to an organization’s members by means of socialization, training programs, and stories, ceremonies, and language used by members of the organization (Jones, 2010).
A. Socialization and training programs
B. Stories, ceremonies, and language used by members of the organization
V. Culture change management
There is no perfect culture that is sustained over time. An organization’s culture will be changed because of organization change which is impacted by two primary sources: external and internal determinants. External effects are from the organization’s environment, including regulatory and market...

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