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Three external factors that have influenced HP to shift towards a more environmentally and socially responsible practice are Technological, Political and Ecological factors.
The Technological factors consist of the tools that are used to produce HP products, such as the machines and materials. This factor is very important as today’s society has become more tech savvy and the technological change has led management to be in a more competitive cost position.
HP holds quarterly discussions with Ceres, a network of investors, environmental organizations, and other public interest groups working to address sustainability challenges. We seek their input on HP's efforts in ...view middle of the document...

The environment is a major concern with any company, and how a company treats the environment impacts there business. New regulations have cost company’s billions of dollars in order to reduce industrial pollution. Some of the concerns of HP are the increased energy costs, materials to be used, the level of pollution and government rules. HP is working closely with suppliers to identify hazardous products and reduce/eliminate using them in order to help the environment and customers. They are in search of alternative products and finding ways to ensure a longer life cycle. To reduce the environmental impact of its business activities HP designs products that are safe and environmentally sound. They also have a program that provides guidelines to reduce the environmental impact of their products by reducing manufacturing waste and eliminating hazardous chemicals. They also look for ways to conserve resources such as energy and water. HP collaborates with organizations on environmental issues including energy use and climate change. They have formed a HP Executive Environmental Advisory Council (EEAC) to gain insights and feedback on environmental sustainability. HP has also sponsored a WWF project to assess adaptation to climate change. They are providing WWF with resources to develop an extensive database and mapping tool that tracks the distribution of species in relationship to the shifting climate. HP thrives to become more sustainable as it will allow the company to generate a greater productivity level, enhance their brand, create savings and endure product stewardship. All these factors will increase shareholder value, nurture corporate culture and improve marketability. It will also improve efficiency, the supply chain and operations by a continuous innovation and collaboration with customers and partners.
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The internal factors that influence HP to become more environmentally responsible are procedures and employees. The employees are the innovators and problem solvers there background in the HP network creates value for the business, customers, shareholders, and local communities. Employee involvement is a key way to ensure the shift to a more environmentally responsible company and HP deploys a high performing, diverse workforce and provides a safe, healthy and supportive environment that helps employees to achieve their goals. Personal values of management and employees to become sustainable benefit the company and the practice moves them to become more ethical. HP uses an environmental management system to assess and reduce the environmental impacts of their global operations while enhancing the workplace and saving money. The procedures used to drive down HP’s carbon footprint and develop sustainable products have improved the company’s image and reputation.
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As more and more people gain access to technology, more energy and resources are needed to create, transport,...

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