Corporate Responsibility And Marketing Essay

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Corporate Responsibility And Marketing Strategies
Larri Alston
Michael Laverty
Contemporary Business
October 26, 2014

Apple’s current position on ethical and social responsibility is located on their website which
state “Apple is committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility wherever our
products are made.” You can also access the company’s 2011 Supplier Responsibility on its
website. This is their official stance on the matter but the company has fallen short through
examples I will provide from a review of their reports which reveal that the company is taking
action to stop unethical practices. Apple presents itself as a responsible corporation ...view middle of the document...

The company is not pro-American or a responsible
corporate citizen which is further evident by Apple not paying its fair share of taxes by
supporting political figures for tax breaks.
Before making this information public, the consumer believed Apple being a leading edge
brand must be an environmentally and socially responsible company but the corporation hasn’t
been meeting the same bar as other companies in electronics because Apple is a follower not an
innovator when it comes to business ethics which is dispalyed by their actions not to be part of
The Electronic Industry Coalition formed by Dell, IBM & HP. The corporation also refused to
join Ceres, a big coalition of businesses that focus on sustainability and its behind in recycling
programs as well as disclosing its environmental goals.
Apple’s social responsibility isn’t about public “do-gooding” such as giving cash grants to
charities and founder Steve Jobs wanted it that way because his vision was to equip the public
with the best technology which he felt was of great importance. However, since 2011, new Apple
CEO Tim Cook desired to change the public’s perception of Apple by embracing a new vision
because the public feel the company should bare social responsibility as a huge multi-national
corporation and highly popular brand.
One way Cook went about this social responsibility effort at Apple was the development of a
donation matching charity program but it failed because it did not possess Apple’s innovation or
inspiration. Corporate social responsibility strategies work if they genuinely come from a
company’s character virtues and not a sense of obligation or calculation. Virtues like integrity,
empathy and zeal are their basis. Cook has to promote internal integrity and an environment of
openness or trust unlike the leadership of Jobs which was clothed in secrecy.
Apple claims social responsibility is fundamental to their way of doing business. Suppliers
are required to “provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect and use
environmentally and responsible manufacturing processes.” Their supplier code of conduct
involves five areas: labor and human rights, health and safety, the environment, ethics and
management commitment. The corporation said it will monitor the social responsibility of its
suppliers and terminate business with anyone not meeting expectations discovered through
factory audits which uncovered a violation of underage workers in 2011. Apple terminates
business with the facility if they are found to be in violation and provide training to prevent
underage workers from being hired but this does not solve child labor problems because factories
are forced to cut cost by finding cheaper labor. Child labor can easily be hidden by providing
fake wages and work schedule data. Also, underage workers want to provide for their families.

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