Corporate Responsibility And Marketing Strategies Essay

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Apple Inc. has become one of the most valuable company in the world. Steve Jobs creates Apple on January 3, 1977. It was able to change the way people were able to listen to music. It became the No. 2 company in May 2010. Apple Inc. has grossed over $337 billion. It suffered from financial losses and the changing of numerous chief executive officers. According to Akkad (2011), In October of 2001, when Steve Jobs revealed the iPod, the company made a huge turnaround and went from just a computer-making company to the leader of the consumer mobile revolution (Akkad, 2011). When the iTunes store and iPhone came on the scene, consumers were able to use these two products to purchase apps ...view middle of the document...

Ethical and Social Responsibility
The climate is always changing, and it has become a major problem. Apple has decided to take action to solve this problem on its end. Apple Inc. uses a lot of energy when making its product. According to Apple’s website, it takes an enormous amount of energy to design, assemble, ship, and use hundreds of millions of products all over the world. A portion of that energy comes from burning fossil fuels, which creates carbon emissions. Those emissions makeup our carbon footprint—our share of the climate change problem. We’re striving to reduce that footprint, and we’re making great progress (Apple Inc, 2014). Apple is in the process of turning all its offices, retail stores, and data centers into 100% renewable energy facility. They have already converted 73% of their facilities. Apple may not solve its problem with the climate 100%, but it is off to a great start. If it keeps doing what they are doing, it could solve its problem in no time.
Apple is also working to get rid of harmful toxins from all of its products and processes. We continue to lead the industry in reducing or eliminating harmful toxic substances to keep both people and the environment healthy. We’ve removed many harmful substances from our product designs and go to great lengths to make sure they stay that way. And our suppliers must adhere to our Restricted Substances Specification, which goes beyond the minimum required by law (Apple, 2014). In order to better the environment, Apple can recycle and have good manufacturing processes. Having good manufacturing processes will minimize the toxins in its supply chain. Minimizing toxins will help keep natural resources free from pollutants. Apple also wants to keep the people that uses its products safe too. Having greener products and removing toxins from the workplace will keep the commitment that Apple has to better the environment.
Defending its Reputation
Apple Inc. is a company that take pride in stopping unethical practices among its suppliers. Some of the unethical practices were underage labor, dangerous working conditions, falsification of audit materials, and bribery. Klein’s (2011) here’s what Apple says on its website: “Apple is committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility wherever our products are made. We insist that our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.” All suppliers must treat its workers equally. Apple makes sure that its workers are able to learn new skills and have a better understanding in what type of rights they have. According to, more than 280,000 workers at 18 of its supplier sites were able to take courses through their free education and development program (
Apple train supervisors on how to communicate with workers, avoiding harassment, and maintaining a safe and respectful workplace. ...

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