Corporate Responsibility Issues Essay

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Electronic commerce means the buying or selling of goods and services over the internet and is also knew as e-commerce, also called electronic commerce (Roos, 2008). The concept of e-commerce covers a broad range which includes obtaining information via internet, advertising, ordering products, downloading applications, and music. In addition, e-commerce allows customers to file taxes on-line (Roos, 2008).
According to Nasir (2004) e-commerce is available in approximately 100 countries with over 20 million internet hosts. The global growth of e-commerce has increase unethical behavior and business practices among users and businesses. In ...view middle of the document...

However, this does not give the business automatic rights to the dot-com trademark or trade name. During the dot-com era, the first company who registers the trademark or trade name owns the internet trademark. Cyber pirates occur when a business steals the trademark or trade name of a well reputable company to attract unknowing consumers (Maury & Kleiner, 2002). When a business steals the trademark or trade name of another business this demonstrates unethical behavior and business practice. Consumers are now demanding greater ethical behavior and business practice (Stead & Gilbert, 2001).
It is very easy for consumers to search an e-commerce business ethical behavior and practice before conducting business with the company. Social responsibility is indirectly, a non-economic issue however the end results can affect the economics of a business, based on consumer reaction. Consumers can be very unforgiving and judgmental. Moreover, competition is great in e-commerce, even more so than brick-and-mortar which allows consumers to choose a business that behave and practice ethical (Stead & Gilbert, 2001).
Copyright issues due to e-commerce have been identified as corporate social responsibility which needs to be addressed and regulated. Stead and Gilbert (2001) state business ethics has a great impact on e-commerce concerning copyright on digital materials. Laws have been passed in some countries to protect the rights of digital ownership and the copyright industry is adapting business methods to exploit opportunities to protect copyrights. Some web-based applications allow free transfer of videos and songs which is the greatest “copying machine”, harming both businesses and consumers. People can send copies of videos and songs to whomever they want, as often as they would like without having to pay. Older technology such as photocopying and recording has legal boundaries as to content, quality and time constraints (Nasir, 2004). Businesses today realize the importance of having social values and have dedicated websites to promote non-economic social values (Stead & Gilbert, 2001; Nasir, 2004).
Some of the major concerns of e-commerce systems are the electricity used for infrastructure and the energy and packaging materials used for product delivery. E-commerce is changing the environment in terms of waste by reducing the need for paper with...

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