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Corporate Routers Essay

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Corporate Routers
Cisco has been providing routing equipment since the early 1990's. Over the years they have developed routers that met the needs of every day users to large enterprises. Cisco offers a solid product that is continuously being upgraded to meet today's trends. They have the financial stability to keep bringing these new competitive products to the market as time and products progress. Cisco's strategy is to "build, partner, and acquire". (Cisco) As noted on their website, they have "one of the largest research and development budgets of any technology firm (more than $4 billion). (Cisco) It's also noted that their first patent, which was obtained in 1992, was "for its method and apparatus for routing communication among computer networks". (Cisco) Cisco works to develop products that can be used in any medium. They believe in bringing the best options for speed, security and "maximum configuration flexibility and scalability for ...view middle of the document...

(CRN, 2010) This summit was meant to increase their exposure and be a more aggressive competitor in the Routing marketplace. Juniper offers routing solutions to enterprises, service providers, and the public sector. According to Juniper, they help "foster service model innovation and lower networking operating costs". (Juniper) They also state that they are "Flexible. Scalable. Secure." and that their products enable their customers to "deliver higher network utilization without degrading user experience. (Juniper) A few years ago Juniper offered free training to gain a Juniper certification if you were a Cisco certified pro, according to an article in TechWorld. This shows their determination to be taken as a serious player in the marketplace. As far as their market shares are concerned, they were holding approximately "19 percent of the carrier edge routing market". (Gigaom, 2010)

Alcatel-Lucent is one of the youngest competitors in the network routing market. It is located in France and offers services worldwide. As with the others, Alcatel works to meet the needs of their customers. Their customers are Service Providers, Enterprises, and Industries (Public Sector). They believe in their "applications focuses on developing and maintaining innovative applications and software products for our global customer base. Their company's strategy is to deliver a "High Leverage Network™". This strategy is to address the coming needs of "Large-scale IP transformation...which requires a broad set of inter-related activities to address business impact, modeling and opportunity assessment". Their goal is to provide an overall experience for their customers' needs not only today but in the future. According to Gigaom, they hold approximately "20 percent of the carrier edge routing market".


Market Share Information
Gigaom -

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