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Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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School of Management ULMS776 – Mapping the Global Environment Stakeholder Identification and CSR Activities of Shell and Tata Steel

Name: Sathish Kumar Raman Student ID: 200704418 Submitted On: 7th January 2010

1. Executive Summary……………………………………………….4 2. Introduction………………………………………………………..6 3. Identification of Stakeholders……………………………………..7 3.1 Stakeholders difference between Shell and Tata Steel…….10 4. Shell Societal Approach and Initiatives………………………….10 5. Tata Steel Societal Approach and Initiatives…………………….12 6. Measures on CSR Initiatives……………………………………..13 7. Classification and Analysis of CSR Activities…………………..14 8. Impacts on Business Approach…………………………………..16 9. ...view middle of the document...

From the observation it found, it is more complicated for an organization to persuade all its stakeholders. The organization make up with numerous methods and initiatives for their sustainability development. Those measures and initiatives are not adequate for the organization to sustain. Other key findings from the companies Royal Dutch Shell      Shell is an multinational Oil and Gas production company The host government and shareholders are founded as powerful stakeholders compare with other stakeholders like supplier, NGO’s and community. The company has best approaches and initiatives towards the sustainable development like supporting their employee and suppliers in all aspects. The company has engaged in many social development projects The company image has been damaged in environmental and social impacts in some parts of the global

Tata Steel      Tata Steel is an multinational steel producing company, part of Tata Group Board of Directors and shareholders are the powerful stakeholder compare other stakeholder like suppliers and NGO’s The company has learned lot from its parent company in their social responsibility approach and initiatives Tata Steel engaged in more in society development through various programmes and foundations The company created greater image in corporate social responsibility initiatives and many organization are encouraged to follow their footsteps in community development From the analysis of company’s CSR initiatives and approaches, it reveals that stakeholder’s expectations are undefined. Though shell has done number of CSR initiatives across the global, it has lost its image in Ogoni for their irresponsibility activities in local community. The company has made many improvements in their principles, which are learned from their experience. When we look at Tata Steel, the company has involved in many philanthropic activities. Even though Tata Steel is an emerging company, Shell has to learn a lot from them for societal initiatives.


2. Introduction:
Corporate plays a vital role in economic development of the country and these corporate involves in various activities for their sustainability in the business environment. In this globalization era business organizations finds the greatest challenge in managing the stakeholder’s demands, which results in complex in the competitive market. So, here the corporate takes up social responsibility as a commitment and engage themselves in the society development. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a commitment by the business organizations in improving the society through their business activities and its contribution in community development. CSR is an effective tool which needs to be implemented in the organizations for their sustainable growth and development of societal objectives. This report addresses the socially responsible business of two multinational organizations - high income and emerging economies group. Here, Royal Dutch...

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