Correctional Management Essay

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Correctional Management
Eva Pacheco, Vianett Mandurraga, Jonathan Moore, Alejandro Salazar, and Cristina Rodriguez
August 1, 2011
John Broy

Correctional Management
Protective custody is a status and housing, a label and a place. To a prisoner protective custody means he or she has been identified as a likely victim and con not remain in general population. They are removed from a general population and placed in a housing unit, dormitory, or cell block. Protective custody has often been cited “a prison within a prison” (Burke, 2006).

Due to the two-sided nature of the prison environment, free people and convicts, maintaining balance between these two sides is difficult and affects secure custody on a daily basis. Differences between inmates also have a lot of effect on secure custody also. The racial differences, gang affiliations, age or cultural differences all make it difficult in maintaining ...view middle of the document...

And oftentimes, when prisoners are less crowded and guards have more control fights between inmates will decrease.
Also, more security officers will help to aid the security of a facility especially when overcrowded prisons are the norm these days. When the ratio between the prison guards and the inmates are in the favor to the facility, they can have more armed officials patrolling the area and even have more employees watching the inmates on the yards; this can reduce the fights between the prisoners. If the facility can obtain more good volunteers and other facility employees, they can better implement rehabilitation programs for the inmates. By having more of these programs for the inmates, these prisoners should be able to manage their anger in a more efficient manner.
Another way to improve a prison is to make sure the prison itself is up to date in having the current (and best) security measures. For instance, in prisons that need more security, a high double fence with wire on the top throughout the perimeter will help aid against prisoners escaping. This fence should be separated at about ten to fifteen feet so that there will be dead space between the fences. The fence line should have an alarm so that it can detect any movement from the fence, such as someone climbing or cutting through the fence. The perimeter should also have infrared cameras watching the fence line and the area around. The fence needs to make sure its area is clean (ie nothing growing on or near the fence) so that no one can hide in the brush and wait for a patrol to walk by or assist a prisoner with an escape. The facility itself needs to have cameras in its hallways and eliminate all or most of its dead zone. Dead zone is the area that cannot be seen from the camera. These actions will help create a more secure facility and ensure the safety and confinement of the inmates and therefore society as a whole.

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