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Correlation And Regression Essay

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grStudy Guide - Correlation and Regression

1.|Regression is a statistical method used to describe the nature of the relationship between variables.|

2.|A positive relationship exists when both variables increase or decrease at the same time.|

3.|__________ is a statistical method used to determine whether a relationship between variables exists.|

4.|In a __________ relationship, as one variable increases, the other variable decreases, and vice versa.|

5.|A study was conducted to determine if there was a linear relationship between a person's age and his/her peak heart rate. Construct a scatter plot and determine what type of ...view middle of the document...

D)|curvilinear |

10.|The range of the correlation coefficient is from 0 to 1.|

11.|The rounding rule for the correlation coefficient uses two decimal places.|

12.|A correlation coefficient of 0.96 would mean that the values of increase as the values of decrease.|

13.|The population correlation coefficient is computed by using all possible pairs of data values taken from a population.|

14.|If there is a strong negative linear relationship between the variables, the value of __________ will be close to –1.|

15.|Which of the following does not explain a possible relationship between variables when the null hypothesis is rejected? |
A)|direct cause-and-effect |
B)|reverse cause-and-effect |
C)|caused by a third variable |
D)|negative effect |

16.|Ten pairs of points yielded a correlation coefficient of 0.79. If , which of the following statements is correct if ? (Do not calculate a t-value.) |
A)|Because 0.79 is greater than 0.632, the null hypothesis is not rejected. |
B)|Because 0.79 is greater than 0.632, the null hypothesis is rejected. |
C)|Because 0.79 is greater than 0.602, the null hypothesis is not rejected. |
D)|There is no correlation between the variables. |

17.|The formula for the correlation coefficient is __________.|

18.|A study was conducted to determine if there was a relationship between the prices a non-member of a club paid for various publications and the prices that a member paid for the same publications. Find the value of .Non-member|Member|Price, |Price, |58|32|42|22|46|20|32|16|25|19|75|58|35|34|63|48 ||
A)|13,251 |
B)|93,624 |
C)|19,712 |
D)|9349 |

19.|A study was conducted to determine if there was a relationship between the prices a non-member of a club paid for various publications and the prices that a member paid for the same publications. Determine the value of . Non-member|Member|Price, |Price, |58|32|42|22|46|20|32|16|25|19|75|58|35|34|63|48 ||
A)|13,251 |
B)|93,624 |
C)|19,712 |
D)|9349 |

20.|A study was conducted to determine if there was a relationship between the prices a non-member of a club paid for various publications and the prices that a member paid for the same publications. What is the value of the correlation coefficient? Non-member|Member|Price, |Price, |58|32|42|22|46|20|32|16|25|19|75|58|35|34|63|48 ||
A)|0.762 |
B)|0.857 |
C)|0.679 |
D)|0.932 |

21.|Which of the following could not be the value of a correlation coefficient? A study was conducted to determine if there was a relationship between the prices a non-member of a club paid for various publications and the prices that a member paid for the same publications. Non-member|Member|Price, |Price, |58|32|42|22|46|20|32|16|25|19|75|58|35|34|63|48 ||
A)|–0.683 |
B)|0.197 |
C)|1.000 |
D)|–1.369 |

Use the following to answer questions 22-23:

The city...

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