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Corruption: An Essay On Public Officials And Corruption In Office. Includes Works Cited

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CorruptionCorruption can be defined as the misuse of public power for private or personal profit. Corruption can be by people many different ways. One cannot assume that corruption always means the same thing or has the same impact on society (Goldstein). There are two very different types of corruption. The first type occurs where services or contracts are provided "according to rule." The second is when transactions are "against the rule." In the first type, a public official is receiving private gain illegally for doing something that he or she is ordinarily required to do by law. In the second type, the bribe is paid to obtain services that the official is prohibited from providing. Another way that corruption ...view middle of the document...

As a result of this, the public should be completely aware of the damage corruption can cause to society. As more and more corruption is made public, the more the public will come to distrust those elected to representthem.One such case of corruption involves New Jersey Sen. Robert Torricelli. His supporter and fund-raiser friend, David Chang says "that he had provided the senator with gifts and cash in return for Torricelli's help with business disputes" and that "Torricelli associates tried to intimidate him [Chang] into not cooperating with the investigation (Hosenball)." This type of corruption can lead to more corruption as others decide that if he is doing then why can't I. Eventually it will become an accepted practice, and in a sense this is already the case. Some corruption isn't as obvious or so illegal as to warrant police or public attention but it still occurs and will continue to do so as long as people act like they accept these types of practices by re-electing those caught in the act and not complaining about it. Of course, some people seem to benefit from some corruption so it all depends on if you are on the receiving end of it or not.Works Cited/ConsultedAdes, Alberto and Rafael Di Tella. 1996. "Causes and Consequences of Corruption: A Review of Empirical Contributions." IDS Bulletin:Liberalization and the New Corruption 27, 2 (April): 6-11.Hosenball, Mark. "At a Bad Loose End." Newsweek. 27 May 2002.Trojanowicz, Robert. Preventing individual and systemic corruption. Harvard, 1996.

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