Corruption In Equatorial Guinea Essay

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There are countries that are not as lucky as America, where people have their rights taken away from them, like in Equatorial Guinea. Equatorial Guinea has a very corrupt government. It has been said that the voting has been rigged so that the president will win the election as many times as he wants. Most of the power is in the executive branch, so the president has most of the power of the country and no one can say anything about what he wants to happen. He president will harass the opposing parties so that he will win (Williams). In the article Equatorial Guinea HRW (Human Rights Watch) says, “Corruption, poverty, and repression continue to plague Equatorial Guinea under President ...view middle of the document...

marriages and divorces also discriminate against women. The male will have more of the say in court. Women will sometimes find it hard to get a job and will most likely not get the same pay as a man would at the same job. There are many women’s rights movements in Equatorial Guinea to try to get equal rights for women as men (2010 Human…). There should be no discrimination against women, especially in these modern age. Women can do everything that a man can do. If it were not for women we would not be here today. Women have to go threw child birth before a man can have a child. Equatorial Guinea needs make everything equal. Women are not there to have fun with, beat, or take advantage of. If there are laws in Equatorial Guinea then they need to followed and the person needs to be punished so that the rape and domestic violence will go down and maybe one day vanish. Men and women may be different in a few aspects, but we are all human in the same way. A man that beats or rapes a woman is not a man, and a country that lets it happen is not a country.
In Equatorial Guinea they do not respect women’s rights and when they are in jail they also get tortured. A lawyer said that he was tortured back in 2002 when he was arrested without reason before. “In 2002 he was tortured while in government custody” (...Lawyer Detained...). This is a terrible act that no one person should have to experience. The article did not say why he was tortured, but there should be no reason that anyone should ever be tortured. No one should have their rights violated in that way because that could cause long term mental issues on the person that is being tortured. “ Torture remains a serious problem despite a national law prohibiting it” (World Report...). If Equatorial Guinea has a law against torture but yet they still practice it, that show how much the citizens mean to them. If they really cared about the citizens there they would not do the things that they do to make one human feel inferior than another human. The torture issue has been a growing topic about all the concerns for Equatorial Guinea. In the prisons in Equitorial Guinea lawyers hae seen beatings that are still going on that are so bad that they classify as torture. If someone tries to release anything about the government they will be taken in custody and given a so called warning. These people will be beaten and have all the rights that a human should have taken away (Submission...). There should be no reason that the government should have to torture you so you do not say anything about what they do. Equatorial Guinea took captured people that were in exile secretly. the article Submission for the Universal Periodic Review of Equatorial Guinea said,“...held in secret detention where they were tortured and forced to confess to participating in a February 2009 attack on the presidential palace”. They were then executed after all the torture that they had to endure while they where in custody (Submission…)....

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