Corruption Of John Marshall Essay

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Corruption of the Central Government
As the United States Chief Justice, John Marshall changed several governmental standards. These standards include the change in the judicial system and strengthening the central government. “As man whose political doctrines led always…to strengthen government at the expense of the people,” this quote states that Marshall’s goal was only to improve the federal government at the expense of the states. Marshall had served at Valley Forge and had been impressed with the drawbacks of no central authority, thus he became a lifelong Federalist, committed to strengthening the power of the federal government. His theory of putting the central government ...view middle of the document...

This greatly magnified the authority of the court.
The remaining three court cases epitomize the overpowering central government that John Marshall has established over the states. This is a controlling theory that Marshall has put over the states. McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) involved an attempt by the state of Maryland to close the Bank of the United States by imposing a tax on its notes. John Marshall declared the bank constitutional by invoking the Hamilton Doctrine of implied powers. At the same time, he strengthened federal authority and slapped at state infringements when he denied the right of Maryland to tax the bank. Two years later the case of Cohens v. Virginia gave Marshall one of the greatest opportunities to defend the federal power. Cohens, found guilty by Virginia courts illegally selling lottery tickets, appealed to the highest court of law. Virginia won, in the sense that the conviction of the Cohens was supported. But in fact, Virginia and all individual states lost because John Marshall clearly asserted the right of the Supreme Court to review decisions of the...

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