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Cosmetic Surgery And People Essay

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Today looks appear to be everything to people. Good looking people are appearing in magazines, movies, and television and are giving the impression that looks are needed to get by in this world. Young people look into cosmetic surgery to get that perfect look. Bill Tancer (May 2008) of The Young and Plastic Surgery Hungry, stated one of the most popular sites visited from the search term “plastic surgery” is the official site of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Over 25% to the site (the largest segment) fell within the 18-to24-year-old demographic that’s up from 19.6% two years ago. Cosmetic surgery could be becoming more popular from hit television shows Dr. 90210 or ...view middle of the document...

Children are born every day with birth defects and need to have cosmetic surgery to correct their defects. There is also people who need to have cosmetic surgery to fix an injury they may have had in the past or needs to be corrected immediately. Some people become addicted to cosmetic surgery and thrive off of having continuous surgeries not realizing the effect it can have on their bodies.
Surgeries can develop complications and cosmetic surgery is no different from any other surgery performed. Surgery has its dangers and patients need and should be aware of these dangers. Most doctors make the patient aware of the dangers; however a few doctors have failed to state the dangers involved with surgical procedures. Matthew Beard (January 2004) Clinics fail to tell patients dangers of Cosmetic Surgery, Half of cosmetic clinics offering “quickie” treatments are failing to inform their patients of the potential dangers of procedures such as Botox injections, an investigation reveals today. (par. 2) During surgical procedures something could possibly go wrong, there have been reported stories that complications can become serious and could very well cause death to the patient during surgery. Complications possibly involved with cosmetic surgery are abnormal heart rhythm, airway obstruction, blood clots, brain damage, death, heart attack, malignant hyperthermia, nerve damage, stroke, temporary paralysis, aspiration, blood loss, drop in blood pressure, infection, loose sutures, skin death or necrosis, asymmetry, slow healing, numbness or tingling, seroma. Anesthesia given to patients for procedures could cause a serious reaction and cause obstruction to the airway causing the patient to stop breathing and could result in death. Dangers can also occur in the aftermath; patients could develop infection during the healing process and could possibly have to have the procedure performed all over again to alter what has been damaged from the infection. Improper healing can also be a danger and could result in how well the procedure was completed or possibly the way the patient has cared for sutures and wounds. Cosmetic Surgery is not a quick fix and requires substantial maintenance of up keep to prevent infections.
Finding a primary doctor is an important task for many people and should also be important to find a good plastic surgeon. Many plastic surgeons have the experience needed to perform surgery however not all physicians are board certified. According to the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery (n.d.) When choosing a plastic surgeon, one needs to consider a number of factors. Medical training and surgical experience are primary indicators of the surgeon’s qualifications. (par. 1) Certified Boards have different requirements of extensive training and experience differs making physicians not trained to perform certain cosmetic surgeries. Doctors usually provide a list of what types of surgeries they perform in their firm, while...

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