Could The Legalization Of Marijuana Be A New Step To A Less Violent Sociaty 

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Could legalization of marijuana pave the way to a modern and less violent society ?

Plan :

1) Proposition California ( modern or chaotic state ?
2) The debate : fear or hope.
3) The arguments in favour : Financial, Mexicant cartels (tempered by BRAND study) ( it’s a good start.
4) The argument oppos : the raising of consumers and the consequence on heath.
5) The portuguese exemple tempered by the differences between the countries.
6) The conservative views : an break to mernisation, the exemple of prohibtion in the thirties al Capone.
7) Let’s be modern !


Next month, a proposition which legalises marijuana will be voted in the state of ...view middle of the document...

There are two lines of argument :

One is financial :

The proposition will allow califronia’s county and municpal governments to decide wether to regulate and taxe the commercial production and sale (which will not more than an ounce 28g per person). The revenus considering to use of marijuana in California would be spectacular in the order of billions of dollars.

The other one that is a consequence of the latter would be the big hit that would take the mexican cartels facing this new law. Indeed, the califronian marijuana comes mainly from the mexican cartels which activities are well knowed for the unbearable violence. Proposition 19 would reduce the revenu and therefore the power of the cartels reducing at the same time the deaths and violence caused by its activites.

II/ The weekness of the opposing arguments.

The trivial loss of the cartels.

Althoug this seems to be a strong argument, a new study has revealded that knowing that marijuana represents around 15 to 26% of the mexican cartel finance, the loss of the califroniana market would only be a trivial loss only around 2 to 4%.

Only the full legalization of marijuan and the others drugs both in mexico and usa would definelty be the end of the powerfull cartels.

But we cannot state that it isn’t a good start.

The fear of raising consumption.

The raising consumption of marijuana in california is a fear. Marijuana isn’t a hard drug but it stills has negative effects on people’s health. It has been stated the marijuana can Cause parkinson and alzeihmer deseasis. The lack of focus, and sometimes the follish and reckless acts ne peapole under marijuana are also knowed to have some dramatic consequences.

But will the legalization of marijuana contribute to increase the consumption of MJ ?

It sures will be easier to get some at a store than to get it from a drug dealer making a illegal act and facing jail.
But the exemple of Portugal may...

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